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Look Sessions 2012: Ivan & Alyosha Perform "Don't Wanna Die Anymore"

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Look Sessions with Pledge at SXSW

The latest entry in the Look Sessions/Pledge Music collaboration gives us another song from the compelling set from Ivan & Alyosha. First up was the single “On My Way” and now’s another great song titled “Don’t Wanna Die Anymore”.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Look Sessions offers intimate one-take performances that showcase a new side of an artist. Previous sessions include Kyler England and Sugar & The High Lows.

Ivan & Alyosha are currently gearing up for their album release show near summer’s end on August 24th with Motopony at home in Seattle after a spring and summer of touring with Rosie Thomas and headlining their own shows. Recent love from Rolling Stone and NPR only add to the buzz of a band worth watching. Check out the evidence for yourself.

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Jill Harrigan

Jill Harrigan commented

You guys are so rad. Keep up the great work! And please come to Denver again soon :)