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Announcing Our Newest Partner: Songflow!

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Songflow Helps PledgeMusic Artists Socialize Their Music

OK artists, what’s the toughest part of your job?

Well, if you’re like most, you enjoy the creative phase – the inspiration, the writing and that magical studio time – and you get amped up by the adrenaline of the live show. But then there’s always that one daunting task hanging over your head: getting your music to the masses. Ugg … After all, you started this gig because you’re creative, not because you wanted to flex your administrative muscles, right?

Imagine a world in which every song you wrote was automatically disseminated to all your adoring fans, who so ecstatically hung upon every tantalizing note that they couldn’t help but share it with all their friends, insisting that they buy your record – and then they all do.

Yeah, we know: That’s probably never going to happen in this life. And while we can’t shake musical pixie dust on the world to make it this way, we can offer you one killer way to simplify the process of getting your music out there – and we think it’s a pretty great one.

Meet our newest partner, Songflow, a digital marketing platform dedicated to helping you socialize your music. With Songflow, you can share your songs by publishing to YouTube, Spotify, iTunes and more; keep fans updated on Facebook and make money from your music from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Songflow is an incredible option for artists who want to streamline this process while retaining all rights and keeping all the money they make. Didn’t we tell you it was great? Songflow simplifies the distribution and promotion process, all while letting you check your sales and track your balance on their site.

Now, with our exclusive partnership, PledgeMusic artists can sign up to run a PledgeMusic campaign directly through your Songflow dashboard. That means it’s a one-stop shop to help you get and stay organized – because, hey, even if you don’t love flexing those administrative muscles, you can at least trick the world into thinking you have them.

Here’s what pop band The Red17 said about their Songflow experience: “Songflow is by far the easiest way to distribute your music online. Especially when you want to do things YOUR way!”

Check it out – no, seriously, do it.

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