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After 25 Years in the Industry, De/Vision Launch Campaign for Tour DVD

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German technopop duo Steffen Keth and Thomas Adam (De/Vision) have been carving out their niche for a quarter of a century, and they say they have no intention of slowing down. And why should they? With an eager fan base following their every move and the creative energy to write and record fresh new material, De/Vision are enjoying their stay on the music scene. In our interview with the guys, they’re noticeably thankful for the past and excited about the future.

Where did the idea to make a tour DVD originate?

We have been considering this idea for a couple of years now, but sometimes an idea needs to be saved for later. As you can imagine, this kind of project requires a lot of time and money. That’s why we have been waiting for a special occasion, and since we celebrate our 25th birthday this year we decided that the time was right to finally put that plan into action.

Twenty-five years of experience is a long time on the road. Do you still enjoy the live show?

Of course, we enjoy it a lot, and it is not only the music we enjoy, it’s just everything – traveling to far away places, hanging out with the fans and partying with them once the show is over. That’s the reward for the many days and nights we spent all alone in front of our computers and keyboards in order to write songs. After months of recording a new album, we can’t wait to go out there and have a good time with the fans. I guess we’ll be on the road as long as there is a grateful audience waiting for us.

Did you decide to record in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Berlin before those dates or after seeing how those shows went?

It was clear from the outset that these shows would be recorded. Our shows in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Berlin have always been awesome. It was an easy decision.

As you look back on such a long career, what would you say makes you the most proud?

I would say the fact that our band still exists after 25 years and that we haven’t gone insane after such a long time in the music business.

Do you think you have another 25 years together?

It’s impossible to say what will be in 25 years. All I can say is that we are not growing tired of doing what we do. So, right now there is no prospect of an end.

Anything else you want to tell PledgeMusic readers?

We want to say thank you to all our friends and fans for supporting us all these years.

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