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A Statement From PledgeMusic

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A Statement from PledgeMusic

To the PledgeMusic community,

The situation that PledgeMusic has found itself in is unacceptable and to all of the artists, managers, labels and fans who have put their trust in us, we are deeply sorry.

All of us at the company are working around the clock to address everybody’s concerns and are hopeful of reaching a positive resolution soon.

To you artists especially, we understand that every last penny is vital to your project’s successful delivery and as such we wanted to share with you some of the concrete action that we have undertaken to date:

Firstly, PledgeMusic is a unique platform with millions of active users and we strongly believe that, notwithstanding our recent problems, PledgeMusic has very significant value.

We are in discussions with several interested parties about a potential partnership with or acquisition of PledgeMusic. These conversations, if successful, would lead to a transaction which would allow us to meet all of our outstanding obligations. As a result, we are hopeful that, as long as the company is given some breathing space to operate, a solution to these current problems will be found.

We cannot reveal further details of these conversations at present as we are bound by commercial sensitivities but as soon as we have any news we will release it.

Secondly, PledgeMusic is in advanced discussions with an independent third-party company to manage all artist funds going forward.

Finally, as previously announced, co-founder Benji Rogers has returned to the company as a volunteer strategic advisor and observer to the board of directors. Benji will assist and advise the new management and finance team on the inherited and existing issues, as well as with the forward planning for the company. His statement is HERE

Benji remains as full time Chief Strategy Officer of DotBlockchain Media.

In closing, the board and management team’s priority remains settling any and all back payments that are owed.

We ask for patience. We know that for a lot of you this must be wearing very thin, but we can only reiterate that we are fully focused on making this situation right.

Sincerely and with thanks,

The PledgeMusic Board and Management.

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Martyn Court

Martyn Court commented

Pledge music are nothing but a bunch of thieves. I've sent several emails requesting a refund and they haven't even bother to send a single email reply. Do not give them any more money as you will get nothing in return.

Marc Yeats

Marc Yeats commented

I'm owed about £1200 of money that has been paid to pledge for my album. I need this money to pay the performer who recorded. I am going to complete the project in a matter of weeks but presently cannot send out any updates or complete the project. I cannot afford to lose such a significant sum of money, money that Pledge has been 'banking' on my behalf since the project began. I need an update on this situation, please.

Steve Lovegrove

Steve Lovegrove commented

Understand all of the above, but there's been a deafening silence since this statement. As a matter of courtesy, an update is LONG overdue

Sherri Vines

Sherri Vines commented

Watch, they are just going to take everyone's money, file bankruptcy, and disappear. Fuck you guys, you fucking thieves.

Tracy Grice

Tracy Grice commented

I have a question for anybody out there who has their alleged refund processing: what does it state under your account information for the refund? My account states "payment incomplete", but doesn't state anything about the refund. Is this typical or does it state a refund is processing for anybody with this scenario? Thanks!

Crystal Burns

Crystal Burns commented

My account also says this now. I have a bank statement that says that they got the payment.

Crystal Burns

Crystal Burns commented

And now they are saying thincomplete

Tracy Grice

Tracy Grice commented

Yeah, I know they go my FULL payment too. It also states that "ALL" of my items has shipped, which is completely untrue! Why would I be requesting a refund if ALL of my items shipped?! Just another great example of PlegeMusic's great customer loyalty (I say in jest). I seriously doubt we ever see a refund :(

Kit Watson

Kit Watson commented

I'm out £34.19 for a Gang of Four pledge. The artist has moved fulfillment over to Townsend, and my requests for a refund from Pledge have gone unanswered. I guess now I have to go to my Credit Card company to request a chargeback. This SUCKS!!!

Michael Arlt

Michael Arlt commented

oh , so I have even luck .. mine was only 28 $ what are away forever .. without a word .. great !!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Frantisek Biro

Frantisek Biro commented

They robbed me of $ 85. It's rude. I am from the Czech Republic and I cannot defend myself. I also paid for shipping 20, - $.

Karel Novosad Švagera

Karel Novosad Švagera commented

Like really? Similar as for me, im also from Czech, but this is totally crazy.It was my first order from here an this...fck!

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook commented

So how do I get the product I paid for or get my money refunded?