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A Statement From PledgeMusic

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A Statement from PledgeMusic

To the PledgeMusic community,

The situation that PledgeMusic has found itself in is unacceptable and to all of the artists, managers, labels and fans who have put their trust in us, we are deeply sorry.

All of us at the company are working around the clock to address everybody’s concerns and are hopeful of reaching a positive resolution soon.

To you artists especially, we understand that every last penny is vital to your project’s successful delivery and as such we wanted to share with you some of the concrete action that we have undertaken to date:

Firstly, PledgeMusic is a unique platform with millions of active users and we strongly believe that, notwithstanding our recent problems, PledgeMusic has very significant value.

We are in discussions with several interested parties about a potential partnership with or acquisition of PledgeMusic. These conversations, if successful, would lead to a transaction which would allow us to meet all of our outstanding obligations. As a result, we are hopeful that, as long as the company is given some breathing space to operate, a solution to these current problems will be found.

We cannot reveal further details of these conversations at present as we are bound by commercial sensitivities but as soon as we have any news we will release it.

Secondly, PledgeMusic is in advanced discussions with an independent third-party company to manage all artist funds going forward.

Finally, as previously announced, co-founder Benji Rogers has returned to the company as a volunteer strategic advisor and observer to the board of directors. Benji will assist and advise the new management and finance team on the inherited and existing issues, as well as with the forward planning for the company. His statement is HERE

Benji remains as full time Chief Strategy Officer of DotBlockchain Media.

In closing, the board and management team’s priority remains settling any and all back payments that are owed.

We ask for patience. We know that for a lot of you this must be wearing very thin, but we can only reiterate that we are fully focused on making this situation right.

Sincerely and with thanks,

The PledgeMusic Board and Management.

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Jeff Van Schijndel

Jeff Van Schijndel commented

Patience? Just give me my money!

Jeff Van Schijndel

Jeff Van Schijndel commented

The Dandy Warhols are not pleased...

Craig McDonald

Craig McDonald commented

I am absolutely gutted not be sure of my money loss but the signed items I paid for that I'm sure I will never see but still my loss is small compared to the artists that have lost big maybe they can pay up I hope but gosh darn it dam

Chris Aston

Chris Aston commented

Your priority should be Bernie Torme currently seriously ill in hospital and in debt due to Pledge not paying up...please communicate with his family.

Jonathan Bircumshaw

Jonathan Bircumshaw commented

I am in the UK and have been waiting best part of 18 month for an item. Do I have anyone I can issue a complaint with I know there are suggestions for US residence?
Thanks in advance

Miranda Whiting

Miranda Whiting commented

Claim from your credit card company?

Stephen Cranch

Stephen Cranch commented

What a load of rotters.

Glenn Turk

Glenn Turk commented

Just fired off my complaint to the FCC. These people need to burn!

Thomas Martin

Thomas Martin commented

Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This will get the US Government involved in the investigation. Its a short form to fill out, and they do get action on consumer fraud like Pledgemusic has been committing lately. If you have gotten the email address of the Pledgemusic lawyer Bob Lapowsky like I did, don't waste your time. ALL emails are returned refused. Looks like these people are getting ready to skip town with the money they owe the bands and the fans. All refund requests keep getting the same form email saying they are working on it and will have "good news" for everyone in the future. I guarantee they are packing up their New York and London offices and are going to disappear shortly!!

Kimmy Massa

Kimmy Massa commented

Shame on you Pledge Music, way to ruin it for everyone.

A pox on your houses!


Mikeupland commented

Do not use this website - it is fraudulent, they have taken money and will not refund or return emails. This site should not be trading - please do not use.

Chris Schlomann

Chris Schlomann commented

I’d be proud to participate in a Class Action Lawsuit against this company, but up the anty to go after leadership personally and sue their sorry asses for coopable negligence. Burn in hell you pieces of SHIT!

Kimmy Massa

Kimmy Massa commented

I'm in on a class action suit, these people really chapped my ass,

Kai Chinn

Kai Chinn commented

If a class action suit stars, i'm in!