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Besserbitch on the Loss of Lemmy and Their New Album

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Elin Andrée says the girls in Besserbitch have a much better idea of who they are and want they want in the studio the second time around. Besserbitch is already building on a strong punk/rock foundation, which bodes well for the maturation and growth curve heading into the recording sessions for ‘Pretenders and Liars’. We recently asked Elin about their musical goals and losing a legend like Lemmy of Motörhead.

We saw the tribute you guys posted for Lemmy. Were you guys big fans?

Lemmy is/was a legend. All of us are fans, some of us more than others. He seemed to be a great man both personally and a genius musically with great songwriting skills. He inspired so many musicians and stood up for a lot of women in the rock n’ roll scene. It is so sad that we wont be able to do a show with him. We played with Motörhead at a Swedish festival last summer, and we are so glad that we had the chance to see him rock one last time.

You’re working on your second full-length album. How does this time in the studio compare to the last time? Do you feel like you have a better idea of what you want to do?

We feel that we have developed a lot as individual musicians and as a band, and we really love the songs that we have decided to have on the album. We’ve had time to work more on the songs and add more details to them than we had on the first album. We’ve experimented more with different sounds, and we’re adding those little extra things that really lifts the songs up. We know the dos and don’ts this time, and we have a clear vision of how we want it to sound.

Any musical changes in direction from the first album?

Of course there are a lot of punk elements like in the last album, but there are also elements of grunge, metal and pop. There is also a ballad which is kind of cool, I don’t think people will expect that kind of song from us. Overall, I think you can hear clearly that Besserbitch has moved a step upwards in the quality of making songs.

Some fans can join you in the studio. If you could join any artist or band in the studio yourselves, who would you choose?

AFI is one of my biggest inspirations. They make great songs with a great sound, so I would love to join them in the studio. Sanna would like to join Swedish songwriter and punk legend Joakim Thåström (Ebba Grön, Imperiet) in the Studio. Hella and Elsa would choose Kathleen Hannah, and Elsa also wants to choose The Who, preferably back in the days when Keith Moon was still alive.

You’ve had the chance to play live shows all over Europe. What are the elements of a great live show?

Vey simple: happy people that are not afraid to come close to the stage and dance and sing.

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