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Dommin Super Fan Gives & Receives the Power of Music

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As if Dommin’s fan base didn’t already prove how passionate and loyal they are after helping the rock band eclipse their recent PledgeMusic goal 11 times over, super fan Julie Holcomb recently told her own story of how she found the band’s music and how much it’s grown to mean to her in the years since she first heard their single “My Heart, Your Hands”. In fact, she’s so supportive of Dommin that she’s responsible for giving even more of the band’s music away to other fans as a way to create a shared sense of community and love for the quartet. Here’s Julie’s incredible story of receiving and giving the power of music.

“Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness”. -Maya Angelou

Maya’s words give a beautiful description of how music can be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel; just the same as it can be the remedy for the dark clouds that often shadow a sunny day. Music means different things to different people, but universally it makes us who we are as individuals. It gives us permission to feel emotions we otherwise keep buried and silent. It helps us deal with the harsh realities of life by transporting our thoughts to a better place and time, either by creating nostalgia from the past or an escape to a place we have not been but desire to be. It’s there when we celebrate our most triumphant life events, and when we mourn the most devastating of failures or losses.

I often wonder if, when an artist sits down to purge their own personal scars and emotions onto paper, either lyrically or musically, they ever realize how many lives they might touch, if they understand the power in their craft, if they ever envision the bond that may be created with nameless faces who use their poetry to laugh, to cry, to love and to let go. As music lovers we often find solace in artists who have been by our side through it all -- the invisible friends who were there for us when nobody else was, to offer advice, gave permission to be angry and encouragement to let go, heal, and move on. This blog is dedicated to a group of extremely talented men who have been an inspiration not only to me, but to so many. Enter the band Dommin.

I was browsing channels on satellite radio one day when I stumbled upon an unfamiliar song that grabbed my attention and made me lose focus of everything going on around me. I immediately looked at the radio display to see the song was “My Heart, Your Hands” from a band named Dommin. I was mesmerized at how it made me feel. The anguish of the music coupled with the haunting and powerful vocals cut to the core of my soul. I couldn’t believe I’d never heard them before. They were incredible. That very same day I purchased their first album ‘Love is Gone’, and after hearing it only once knew I would be a lifelong fan.

The originality and complexity of their music defied any one genre. It was unlike anything I’d heard before. I began following the band’s website and receiving their newsletters. They were yet to release a second album at the time, and like thousands of other Dommin fans, I was anxiously awaiting that day. After reading about and keeping up with the band’s progress, I learned there were numerous complications holding them back from releasing a new album. The record company they were signed to was taken over, and the staff who were supporters of their music were suddenly gone. This left them with no record deal, and a lot of legal red tape that was going to make releasing a new album very difficult for a long period of time. I was heartbroken. This insanely talented group of men deserved to be heard. It made no sense to me that they may not have the chance, but I knew I would wait as long as I had to in hopes they would come back.

Then one day, after five years, the long-awaited news of a new album finally arrived!

I received an e-mail from the Dommin site announcing the PledgeMusic campaign they were launching for their second album, ‘Rise.’ I didn’t know anything about PledgeMusic at the time. What I did know, however, was if it had anything to do with a new album release, they could count on my support. I was anxious to get on board, so I signed up and began to browse what kind of things the guys were offering. I was impressed and surprised by how many personal items were listed (and how fast things were selling out).

One of the most appealing and creative items being offered was a cover song. You purchase, choose the song, and they cover it in their style. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My only concern was: how I could possibly narrow my choice down to just one song? I would have this song for the rest of my life, so choosing it wasn’t going to be easy. Over the next two days I listened to several of my favorite songs trying to decide. After much deliberation I decided to make the cover song purchase and named ”Save A Prayer” by Duran Duran as my choice.

After purchasing and naming my cover choice, I was elated! The feeling of being able to support the band I love, and have a personally chosen cover by them, was indescribable. I wanted to share that feeling with everyone. So I did. I purchased a second cover song with the catch that Dommin fans would choose what they covered. A few days later, the band put out an update video letting fans know about the cover and asking them to submit song suggestions.

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I enjoyed watching all the different song suggestions come in from excited fans. I knew the person(s) who initially suggested the winning song would feel the same joy I felt and have a really great story to go along with it. After several polls and voting rounds were complete the winner of the fan voted cover was finally chosen. The last song standing by popular vote was “Love You To Death” by Type O Negative.

Throughout the entire campaign the band continuously expressed gratitude to the fans for their support. As a token of their appreciation they posted a surprise download for us during the last week of the campaign: an acoustic version of their song “My Reality”. It was such a nice gesture and a beautiful arrangement of the song. Dommin’s PledgeMusic campaign ended being a huge success. Within two hours of launching their campaign they reached 100% of their initial goal. They closed out the campaign raising 11 times what they initially expected. This entire experience has been nothing less than remarkable.

I would like to express my gratitude to PledgeMusic for building a platform that awards music fans the opportunity to support artists in ways we never could before. I am so thrilled for the band’s success with their campaign and new album. They have earned and deserve every bit of success.

So to Kristofer, Billy, Konstantine, and Cameron, I hope the support you received during this campaign (and across the board) has proven just how special you are and how much we all missed you. You were never forgotten. You belong in music, and Dommin Nation will always do whatever it takes to make sure you stay.

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Kat commented

It was such a lovely idea letting fans pick and vote on a cover song, very generous.

It must have been around ten years ago I first heard of Dommin. I was sent a band 'friend request' on MySpace which was a common thing and I rarely checked bands out cos they weren't my 'thing'. I did with Dommin though and was SO glad! My Heart, Your Hands made me go, "Omg, this is amazing, who are these guys?!". Then I listened to Tonight and I couldn't pick a favourite.

Instantly downloaded what I ended up regarding as their first album and most likely sent an embarrassingly gushing message. I started up a little Facebook group for fans (with permission), this was just before bands and companies all had their own pages.

I remember telling my now-ex, who is also a fan, that they'd be fab support act for HIM. A couple of years later, there we were at a gig in Bournemouth, UK watching them support HIM. No disrespect to HIM as I was also a fan of their first few albums, but Dommin blew them away. It was awesome to meet them all and I hope my now-teen, who's grown up with Dommin's music, also gets that chance someday. She sits on her bed trying her best to strum Dommin on her new guitar, so they've inspired a new generation to make 'music' (she'll get there!).

I think I wrote on my blog interview that all fans can connect with the music and lyrics. That we've unfortunately all been through personal heartbreak. I'm no different and have lost myself in Dommin's songs during hard times, and danced around my bedroom in happier ones.

Thanks Dommin and fellow fans for keeping the music coming.

Adam C Smith

Adam C Smith commented

Fantastic piece! I discovered Dommin in 2010 when they played with The Birthday Massacre in Seattle. Been wanting them to play here again!