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Kink Launches Program To Empower Girls With Rock 'n' Roll

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What was your first inspiration to play rock and roll yourself?

We both really had strong female idols growing up that drew us into playing rock music. People like Brody Dalle, Joan Jett and bands like Kittie and Veruca Salt influenced not only our musical style, but also who we were as kids! Seeing them being exactly who they wanted to be on stage and in music videos -- strong, wild and loud -- motivated us to pick up guitars!

We’d love to hear about the new EP. Are the songs already written? How far along is it? the process of writing/recording?

We are actually going into Coalition Studios on April 21st for a full week with our producer and drummer Jason Pierce, who currently drums for Our Lady Peace and has worked in the past with Justin Bieber and Paramore. We are hiring some great people to be on the album as well, like Jimmy Reid who has played for Matt Good. The songs are all written and ready to go. We are excited as we normally play as an acoustic duo, but the album is going to be full band.

How are you feeling about the process?

So excited! We have put our blood, sweat and tears into these songs and we are ready to hear them fully produced – and we are ready to hit the rock world hard with our creation. We feel excited about our unique sound – we’re going for an edgy “dark pop-punk” style. Something people who enjoy heavy rock will be able to enjoy, but something pop-punkers will be able to rock out to as well.

You’re launching a project, Guitars for Girls. How far along is that project? And what’s the immediate future there?

We launched Guitars for Girls a few days ago and so far the response has been amazing. We have over 12,000 views on our video, which features members from bands like Kittie, Cradle of Filth and White Empress. We really got a lot of attention from the metal community because of it.

The program aims at getting guitars into the hands of girls, and we started out by getting a donation from Steve’s Music in Toronto of four Schecter guitars which we donated to four girls from a program called Dixon Hall. The whole experience is in the video, and it was incredible.

Ideally we’d love to continue the program by getting more guitar donations, and getting as many as possible to girls who want to get involved in rock but may not have access to instruments like that.

Do you remember when the idea first struck for Guitars for Girls?

We go to a lot of concerts, and we always get super stoked seeing a band with a girl playing an instrument. It was at Riot fest last year in Chicago when we had the idea that someone should start doing something to rectify this. There’s always a lot of talk on the internet about feminism and equality, but we wanted to actually start action.

What’s the best rock show you’ve ever seen?

This is a difficult question! We actually saw Joan Jett this year at Rockfest in Quebec, and it was epic! We were in the front row right in front of her, and she actually sang to us! We caught her guitar pick at the end, and our minds were totally blown. She’s amazing.



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