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Lol Tolhurst's memoir tells story of The Cure

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Lol Tolhurst needed a quarter century to tell his story. As a founding member of The Cure, Lol’s story is a compelling one, and he’s giving his memoir the proper treatment with special artwork from bandmate Pearl Thompson and a new PledgeMusic campaign. We recently asked Lol about the process of retelling the band’s storied history in Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys.

You left The Cure over 25 years ago. What makes this the right time to tell the story?

I feel I now have had enough time between events to have a proper perspective on the events. Any sooner would not have worked .

Going back to the early days of The Cure had to dredge up some pretty intense memories. Did the process of writing this book take you on an emotional journey?

Absolutely! It was a completely cathartic experience. I am so glad that I did it.

To go with the new book, you dug into your personal inventory of Cure memorabilia. What kinds of things did you find when you started digging?

Everything! All the mementos of my life with the Cure from gold discs to lyrics to the odd promotional items.

When did the idea to write out the story first occur to you?

In 2013, I had a talk with Robert and the idea for doing the book started there – in my mind.

A few years ago, you were able to reunite with the band. How was that experience for you?

That was really the beginning of the healing process between us all as friends. To play with The Cure again was actually very like the old days, almost immediately. Which was a wonderful thing for me.

What’s the biggest myth or misconception about The Cure that you’ve run into over the years?

[Laughs] That we are sad, po-faced, gloomy goths sitting in dark rooms with candles! We always took what we did seriously, the music especially, but we didn’t take ourselves so seriously. There is a certain levity and light between friends.

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