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PledgeMusic Center Stage: junk-E-cat

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Welcome to PledgeMusic Center Stage, where we highlight some of our favorite artists. From up-and-comers to household names, these are the artists that are currently making waves.

For our series introduction, we’re shining the spotlight on junk-E-cat, a masked producer and multi-instrumentalist from Berlin who is set to release his debut EP. “The Creature,” as he is called, is known for his unique brand of electronic music featuring finger drumming, live saxophone, clarinet and bass clarinet. He’s somewhat of a viral sensation; his Instagram features numerous videos of him showing off his finger drumming skills in scenic locations all over the world.

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He recently took that concept to new heights (pun fully intended) when he decided to go where no finger drummer had gone before. “Where’s that?,” you might ask. Making music while skydiving…. no big deal. Watch as junk-E-cat makes music on Native Instruments’ MASCHINE MIKRO as he descends towards the earth.

After converting a van into a mobile stage (and naming it “Harry” ), junk-E-cat took his sounds on the road, making stops at some of Europe’s best dance festivals, introducing his sound to attendees. It wasn’t long before fans began asking for an official release, so he is granting their wishes with the release of his debut EP, titled Kreatur.

Along with the pre-order, junk-E-cat has offered up a variety of unique rewards to pledgers. Maschine Mikro bundles containing the hardware he uses, beat-making lessons, personalized beats, and access to secret concerts are just a few of the items that set his campaign apart from any other we’ve had at PledgeMusic. Check out what else he has up for grabs inside.



Debut EP

Let's help the Berlin based creature and multi-instrumentalist finish and release his first EP!

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