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PledgeMusic Center Stage: Trapper Schoepp

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Trapper Schoepp is currently living a singer-songwriter’s dream. In 2017, he came across a piece about a set of long-lost Bob Dylan lyrics about his home state of Wisconsin that was set to go to auction. “I just got this sinking feeling in my gut,” he told Rolling Stone. “I knew that I needed to finish what was started.”

He then finished the lyrics and added a melody, and “On, Wisconsin” was born. Much to his surprise, the song ended up in Dylan’s hands, and the legendary songwriter gave his nod of approval and a co-writing credit on the track.

Truly, it’s an exciting time for Trapper. He’s getting set to release his much-anticipated new album, Primetime Illusion, on January 25th, which will feature “On, Wisconsin.” Also on the album (which is produced by Pat Sansone of Wilco) is his duet with Nicole Atkins, “What You Do To Her.” The single comes with an addictive melody and a vital message for this day and age.

“This song is about the epidemic of sexual assault and the ripple effects these attacks can have within communities. The verses tell the story of someone who gets away with it and the chorus shows how we’re all affected by this – not only the victims, but their families, their friends, and the community as a whole,” Schoepp tells Billboard. “For too long men have stood on the sidelines and allowed this to become primarily a women’s issue. I think everyone has an obligation to call out behavior like this. It’s one thing to show solidarity behind the scenes but we need to be more vocal as men.”

Primetime Illusion is now available for pre-order along with a variety of signed items and exclusive merchandise. Each purchase on Trapper’s store comes with instant downloads of four new tracks from the album, as well as a digital download of the record upon release.

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