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PledgeMusic Statement About Payments Backlog

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PledgeMusic has always been committed to serving artist and fan communities. It was established by artists and was born of a need to change the way in which the traditional music industry operated. It was designed to help artists and their teams at every level.

That said, we deeply regret that recently we have not lived up to the high standards to which PledgeMusic has always held itself. We acknowledge that many artists have and continue to experience payment delays. These delays to artists are unacceptable--not only to them but to us.

While the company has made progress, we still haven’t reached our goals. PledgeMusic has been in discussions with several strategic players in the industry who have an interest in the PledgeMusic platform. We are evaluating a number of transactions with those potential partners, and we plan to announce details of this in the next 60 days. It is our expectation that payments will be brought current within the next 90 days.

As of now, we are working through the backlog of correspondence with artists and teams to clarify their payment plans and your patience is appreciated as we complete this task. Furthermore, we are also working to address the fulfillment issues that some of our consumers have experienced in turn, often as a direct result of artist payment issues. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the passionate inquiries and messages of support on social media from fans are appreciated, acknowledged and understood.

We are deeply sorry that we have not lived up to the high standards to which PledgeMusic always held itself. We are committed as a company of passionate music lovers to get things back on track as quickly as possible.



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Frantisek Biro

Frantisek Biro commented

They robbed me of $ 85. It's rude. I am from the Czech Republic and I cannot defend myself. I also paid for shipping 20, - $.

Josslyn Bond

Josslyn Bond commented

Go through your bank/credit card company. I had no issues doing that.

Dan m

Dan m commented

still waiting to A) get my money back from January, or B) receive the items. its been 3 months now

Cheryl Monroe

Cheryl Monroe commented

Will some1 plse explain what is going on. I want to buy some Bananarama items.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones commented

I have 7 open pledges for which I have not received the autographed cds. The value is over $220 . I want the cds. I tried to cancel Jah Wobble's newest but could not tell if it went to Pledge or not as I received no confirmation email about cancelling. I ordered it from Jah Wobble himself this past month. I hope it arrives soon.

Cheryl Monroe

Cheryl Monroe commented

Do you know if you can pay with payapl. I

Frank Kaczmarczyk

Frank Kaczmarczyk commented

So much for supporting "the little guy". Amazon, here I come.

Wayne Jenkins

Wayne Jenkins commented

I gave you money to give to artists that were making an album. You get to take a percentage but after that the money was never yours to spend. Now you post a load of bullshit and no-one at Pledge will even put their name to it.

Disgusting! I would like a refund but no-one at your 'company' is even responding to this either

Mr J Cullen

Mr J Cullen commented

You took my money 3 months before the cds were due to be dispatched. Can you please update me with the current position as I see that you are still taking orders off customers and taking their hard earned money

Ben Sevilla

Ben Sevilla commented

All class action lawsuit with you, however, my bank is getting my money back for me

Jose Rubio

Jose Rubio commented

Hey everybody, does pledgemusic still owe you something and has scammed you out of your money? I'm preparing and willing to do a class action lawsuit against them. If you want in and feel cheated please join me. This unacceptable and deserve to be held accountable.

Shawn Bolen

Shawn Bolen commented

Yes I preordered a signed copy of the insane clown posse album and keep getting the same run around about backlog beyond pissed I worked too hard to barely make ends meat wanted to treat myself to a cd I've waited 2 years for them to drop and now I'm stuck without the cd and my money

Paul Bonomo

Paul Bonomo commented

Hi Jose. I am interested. How can I get in touch?

Richard Kenyon

Richard Kenyon commented

My credit card company says it cannot recover the money because the original fulfilment date is back in 2016. I paid Pledge £35!!

Josslyn Bond

Josslyn Bond commented

Richard, you can still get it back. Pledge can refund you though Paypal. The USA PATRIOT Act prohibits credit card refunds that late (since Pledge is a US company).

Richard Kenyon

Richard Kenyon commented

Since Pledge refuse to reply to my messages and I did not order through Paypal, how do I get this to happen???

Josslyn Bond

Josslyn Bond commented

I would email or call them once more and advise them that you are more than willing to assist with the above-mentioned preparation for a class action lawsuit but if they refund you the money owed via paypal then they can consider THAT as your promise not to be in any upcoming suit. Considering that they can also be sued for breach of contract on top of the money owed, this might poke that bear enough to get you a quick response. They are also an internet commerce company and not a human in another country (like a seller on ebay) so advise that you may also have recourse for a separate claim if not refunded.