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PledgeMusic Update

PledgeMusic Update

To all who have been affected by the issues at PledgeMusic we wanted to let you know that the best way to contact us at this time is via this link: This will ensure that your inquiry will be linked to your account on the site, logged and ticketed. Any communication outside of this channel will not be tracked and therefore issues will take longer to get to and be harder to resolve.

We also wanted to share with you that the updates system is still operational, as are all tools for communicating with your fans from the site. Some of you may have experienced a glitch with the updates system which is being looked into. It was not, however, and will not be switched off.

Also if you are an artist and want to download your fan data you can do so from your dashboard at any time.

We are deeply sorry for what you are going through and are working around the clock to resolve any and all outstanding issues.


Please also see our previous statement here:

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Kim Monaghan

Kim Monaghan commented

This site is a fucking con. Pay your artists or take it down you thieving fucks.

Colin Plach

Colin Plach commented

File complaints with the New York BBB. I'm filling one out now and with enough complaints, I hope this will cause PledgeMusic to come out of their shell and communicate with the people who they're stealing money from.

Jeffrey Deboo

Jeffrey Deboo commented

Did that 2 months ago, just like here, Pledge is now completely ignoring BBB requests. I wouldn't expect an answer.

Jeffrey Deboo

Jeffrey Deboo commented

Here is a direct quote from your first statement, "It is our expectation that payments will be brought current within the next 90 days."

That load of monkey crap was from January 24, 90 days ago as of TODAY!! From the looks of things, you still have your head squeezed firmly up your ass. You haven't done JACK S***!!! PAY THE ARTISTS AND SEND US OUR STUFF!!! At the very least, give us an ACTUAL UPDATE, not just a bloated and fake, "we're working as hard as we can to fix our current issues" load of crap!!!

Justin Moran-Abel

Justin Moran-Abel commented

Thanks for the updates assholes

Jesse Grammerstorf

Jesse Grammerstorf commented

What are you waiting for Justin? I got an email that my Swervedriver finally shipped, I hope. It's only been 2 damn years. Done with these turd herders.

Gabriella Marra

Gabriella Marra commented

It would be great if they'd actually f**king RESPOND TO CUSTOMER MESSAGES.

Kimmy Massa

Kimmy Massa commented

Since Pledge refuses to update us, the ones that gave them the money they wasted, I will post any updates I find, including this one from yesterday-

You will only get your money back if you dispute the charges with your credit card company. Better hurry before they file for Bankruptcy!

I hate you Pledge music

jonathan wain

jonathan wain commented

Where are our refunds? Why aren’t you responding to customer messages? Why are you still taking orders?DON’T BUY FROM THIS SITE - THEY ARE THIEVING SCUM!

Patrice Dang

Patrice Dang commented

Hello, I have never received my order from Hands Off Gretel.
I have tried to send you emails using the official form, and never got any answer. I wish to be reimbursed.

Pavarej Hwangdee

Pavarej Hwangdee commented

3 orders placed for the Cardigan vinyls since December 8, 2018. Tried help channel for 3 times... nothing happens.

Frank Drewniak

Frank Drewniak commented

I have followed the link and you never reply. Bunch of thieves.