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PledgeMusic Update

PledgeMusic Update

To all who have been affected by the issues at PledgeMusic we wanted to let you know that the best way to contact us at this time is via this link: This will ensure that your inquiry will be linked to your account on the site, logged and ticketed. Any communication outside of this channel will not be tracked and therefore issues will take longer to get to and be harder to resolve.

We also wanted to share with you that the updates system is still operational, as are all tools for communicating with your fans from the site. Some of you may have experienced a glitch with the updates system which is being looked into. It was not, however, and will not be switched off.

Also if you are an artist and want to download your fan data you can do so from your dashboard at any time.

We are deeply sorry for what you are going through and are working around the clock to resolve any and all outstanding issues.


Please also see our previous statement here:

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John Anton

John Anton commented

Still waiting on a response concerning the refund I demanded months ago. Apparently, you people are too busy spending stolen money to give a fuck.

Sadie Elizabeth Hart

Sadie Elizabeth Hart commented

why am i just receiving this information now? why wasn’t this update emailed to me?

Charlotte Le Brecht

Charlotte Le Brecht commented

There hasn’t been any staff at PledgeMusic since February and we are still awaiting refunds.

Alan simpson

Alan simpson commented

SCUM. why is your site still taking money? why have you not closed all you so-called 'pledges'


Jason Moss

Jason Moss commented

I can't see how this is not a Class Action lawsuit.

Allen Parker

Allen Parker commented

Wheres the fucking money Pledge? Money that was NOT yours to spend.
You all need to grow a pair and tell what really happened.

Mike Jehle

Mike Jehle commented

Have requested my refund now three times the last 4 months...nothing. How is this on criminal?

Jeffrey Deboo

Jeffrey Deboo commented

Kimmy Massa

Kimmy Massa commented

What the fuck did they do with OUR money that we meant to go to our favorite bands?!? They just spent it on themselves and now they just get away with it? It’s fucking terrible, all of it. I hate your guts pledge music

Andy James

Andy James commented

The band I pledged to have circulated this link and advised people to send it to their bank and request a refund from them. I am in the UK.

Charlotte Le Brecht

Charlotte Le Brecht commented

Does anyone know what we can do? I bought $173 worth of merch back in 2017 and never received it. I've been chasing it since then, and they finally agreed to a refund and now this has all happened. I've tried to claim through PayPal but because it is over two years, they can't do anything. I'm in the UK and don't know what else to do!

Andy James

Andy James commented

Charlotte, the band I pledged to have circulated the link posted above and advised people to send it to their bank and request a refund from them. Some banks are refunding.

Charlotte Le Brecht

Charlotte Le Brecht commented

I've tried NatWest and PayPal, both have said there is nothing they can do to get the refund because of the timescale. Because PledgeMusic lied and kept saying we’d get the items and dragging out for two years.. $173 down the drain with no items and no refund. Devastated! Good luck with your banks.. NatWest won’t help me.

Joe Veen

Joe Veen commented

How the fuck are you still taking preorders?!?