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PledgeMusic Update

PledgeMusic Update

To all who have been affected by the issues at PledgeMusic we wanted to let you know that the best way to contact us at this time is via this link: This will ensure that your inquiry will be linked to your account on the site, logged and ticketed. Any communication outside of this channel will not be tracked and therefore issues will take longer to get to and be harder to resolve.

We also wanted to share with you that the updates system is still operational, as are all tools for communicating with your fans from the site. Some of you may have experienced a glitch with the updates system which is being looked into. It was not, however, and will not be switched off.

Also if you are an artist and want to download your fan data you can do so from your dashboard at any time.

We are deeply sorry for what you are going through and are working around the clock to resolve any and all outstanding issues.


Please also see our previous statement here:

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Richard Vine

Richard Vine commented

Thieves, stealing from bands and fans
F&*k you
Bands like Hands off Gretel are doing it their own way now, with no thanks to you, you thieves, abusers and complete bunch of wankers


IAN WRIGHT commented

Theiving Bastards....


IAN WRIGHT commented

I thought Pledge was to help unsigned bands? the way you have taken money off fans and then holding onto it is disgusting...I know a lot of bands who have fulfilled orders out of their own pockets to repay their loyal fans...

Richard Vine

Richard Vine commented

Yep, Hands off Gretel from Barnsley fulfilled all orders for CD's thro this rotten website AT THEIR OWN COST. Anyone involved in this damn enterprise should be ashamed. Lowlife's

Lia Holloway

Lia Holloway commented

I am so angry and fed up with this company AND the band I pledged to.

I pledged to a campaign in 2016. 2016! Items were to be fulfilled by the end of 2016. Then it was pushed to November 2017. The band still hasn’t put out an album, and I only received ONE item I pledged for. I requested a refund in November of 2018. I’ve sent countless emails and tweets to Pledge and received nothing but excuses. Now, I don’t receive any answer at all. My last two emails to Pledge have gone unanswered. The email before those two was marked as "closed" when the issues certainly wasn’t delt with.

The band’s campaign was filled long before Pledge had payment issues with the artists. They’ve already recorded the songs (pretty much the entire album, I believe) but were signed by a label, which delayed the album even further. The band hasn’t provided an update to the Pledge page for 6 months. Comments to the videos and discussion page have gone unanswered. The band refuses to answer tweets or Facebook posts asking about the campaign, despite being active on social media. It’s frustrating to see a band that I’ve loved and supported for years ignoring legitimate questions. Pledge and the band essentially stole my money.

I feel so bad for the artists who never received their money and people, like myself, trying to get a refund. Since I paid almost 3 years ago, I doubt I will ever see the money I am owed. I don’t think my bank will refund me for something that long ago.


Mikeupland commented

Do not use this website - you will not receive the items ordered or money returned - It is fraudulent. How can you still legally trade.

Mark Anthony Morehead

Mark Anthony Morehead commented

I requested a refund on my Last IN Line project and received 2 of the signed album covers in separate unmarked envelopes, still no copy of the album or the 8x 10 signed poster. Looks like someone is trying to appease a few of us with at least something. Still nothing for my Flaw pledge or Generation Axe pledge. When I mentioned pledgemusic on Flaw’s Facebook page my comment was deleted

Christopher Rose

Christopher Rose commented

I initiated the charge back through my credit card company. I have no idea if I will get my money back as it may be outside the disputes period. I really loved this idea. BUT It would seem it was all just a ponzi scheme. Thanks for hitting all the indie bands and less famous artists where it hurts the most. It takes a special kind of asshole to do that. Congratulations you just won the prize. A pox on your houses and I hope somebody screws every single one of you the way you screwed the artists...And me.

Justin Moran-Abel

Justin Moran-Abel commented

Hey fuckheads. How about another update?

Richard Vine

Richard Vine commented

I think you are showing too much respect to pledgemusic with that salutation!!

Kimmy Massa

Kimmy Massa commented

Dear Den of Thieves,

I have successfully been refunded for all three of my outstanding pledges by my credit card company. How sad that I had to take my money back by force. I was lucky, I paid with an American Express and my payments only went back 4 months so I was able to be refunded, but I feel horrible for all the people who pledged so long ago that they can't be refunded through a credit card dispute. I feel horrible for the bands. I feel horrible for the fans. I feel horrible for Bernie Torme, an artist who died while being tormented by Pledge Music, which stole his and his fans money. I feel horrible that Pledge Music has not posted an update here in over a month. I feel horrible that I won't get the chance to get the signed merchandise from my favorite band. I feel horrible that you stole all the money, you thieving bastards!

How incredibly gross that you did not pay the artists. How awful and heartbreaking that we fans don't get the items we paid for. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves. You'll get what you deserve. Assholes.

Keisuke Imai

Keisuke Imai commented

I've contacted you lot through your "official refunds request" form several times. You make it seem like we are begging. We are not. We are demanding our money back. The recording industry has lost the consumers confidence, and then you guys created a fantastic *in theory* alternative and then you pull this. Bloody shame on you!