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Story Behind the Song: Bri Murphy, "Throw Down My Heart"

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Bri Murphy says “Throw Down My Heart” is a rarity in that it came to her as a “complete package”. While most songs develop over time, today we have the privilege of sharing a compelling Story Behind the Song from a promising young songstress recording her solo debut. Check out Bri’s music below and head over to her campaign page for more great offers.

Last winter, I packed my car with hiking boots, books, my guitar and my dog, and took off for a cabin in northwestern Wisconsin. I pulled into Iron River and it was too cold to do any snowshoeing, so I bought some oatmeal, spaghetti, and New Glarus, and spent my time cozy and happy by the gas fireplace. The first few days, words were sticky and melodies were slippery; I scrawled a couple ditties that nobody will ever hear. But sometimes you have to write through the bad songs to get to the good songs, and on my last night in the cabin, “Throw Down My Heart” came pouring out in about 15 minutes.

“Throw Down My Heart” is one of those once-in-a-while songs that comes along as a complete package. The track on my EP is almost exactly the same as my very first work tape. Words and melody came at the same time. I felt more like a conduit than a composer, though the song served for me as a cathartic release of a very rough 2015. This song is about taking heartbreak and rejection and death and darkness and learning how to let it all go, let it be.

This turned into the theme for my six-song EP. It’s about learning how to leave things behind because they are simply too heavy. It’s learning how to burn things down because you just have to start over sometimes. It’s about learning how to throw down your heart — how to bare your soul and live uncompromisingly, courageously, resiliently. It’s the most raw and most personal song I’ve ever written, and I feel it deep in my bones every time I perform it.

I originally shot an acoustic video to share with this post, but I want to share my very first work tape instead. This recording is from a small cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin on January 13th, 2016, snow falling gently outside, heart healing fully inside. This is “Throw Down My Heart”.

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