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Timeless Talk With The Babys' John Bisaha

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The Babys' first incarnation in the mid-seventies gave birth to some of classic rock’s most durable songs in the form of ‘Every Time I Think of You’, ‘Midnight Rendezvous’ and ‘Isn't It Time’. The Babys are now back after a three-decade absence and ready again to thrill audiences across the globe. Always a band to do things their own way, they have teamed up with PledgeMusic to recreate some of their classic hits, some deep catalogue cuts and even a few new tunes for their new album Timeless – Anthology II.

The Babys' PledgeMusic campaign enables fans to pre-order the album, access exclusive updates, band content and official Baby’s merchandise. We spoke to lead singer and bass-guitarist John Bisaha (whose CV includes stints with Heart, Blue Oyster Cult and Tom Morello), about the new album and some of his past musical adventures that led up to him joining The Babys.

Tell us about your latest PledgeMusic project?

I’m so excited about our latest campaign. We have been back together almost five years now – and it’s been a real blast! Our first PledgeMusic campaign was a few years ago, when we launched a campaign for I’ll Have Some of That! album, it was a great experience. The fact that you can get the fans in on the game is incredible. We are launching this campaign to create a new record and felt the need to have the fans hear this version of The Babys. It’s a new calling card for us, we absolutely love what we are hearing from the studio and we hope you do as well!

How did you first hear about PledgeMusic?

We were introduced to PledgeMusic by our manager Tony Valenziano back in 2013-14. He helped us spearhead the I’ll Have Some of That project and bring it to fruition – The Babys first new record in over 30 years at that time.

What’s the last album you bought and the first that you purchased with your own money?

The last album I purchased was the latest by Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie; sounds just like The Mac. The first album that I purchased with my own money was Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John – I had everything he could release back in the day.

What album in your collection would you save in a house-fire?

Three Sides Live by Genesis would be one that would need to be yanked in case of a fire, along of course with all of our Babys records!

Who in your opinion has taken music forward in the last 5/10 years or so?

Absolutely love Justin Timberlake and dig Bruno Mars. Bruno has gone re-created old skool style and themes, throwback tunes that have an up-to-date production. Justin is just simply an extraordinary talent. For me, a lot of today’s music is too minimalistic, without ‘traditional’ instrumentation – all loops and samples. Give me the real thing any day!

Which band (apart from The Babys) would you most like to have been in and why?

Well after The Babys disbanded in 1981, Walt (Wally Stocker) and Tony (Brock) hooked up with Rod Stewart and that had to have been amazing – playing in front of 100,000’s of people all over the world, very cool!  I would have liked to have been in The Bee Gees or Four Seasons – Barry Gibb and Frankie Valli were my first vocal teachers (off their records of course!), when I was young.  

Perfect gig – what makes it for you as a performer?

When the monitors are perfect, the sound out to the audience is killer and the crowd is on fire – that makes it. The other week we were in Cleveland, playing there for the first time since the 80s’s. We played for two hours and in that time, we had three standing ovations DURING the set and a huge one as we left the stage.  Perfect night. Nothing like a great crowd to give you support and energy.

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