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Wendy James Exclusive New Album Interview

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Wendy James is no stranger to PledgeMusic and we are more than pleased to be continuing a friendship with her that began last year with her critically acclaimed chart album The Price Of The Ticket. Wendy has just started a PledgeMusic campaign for her as yet untitled new album and – although still writing and recording for the project – generously took time out to tell us all about it. So here we go… over to you, Wendy.

Tell us about your latest PledgeMusic project?

I had such a great experience last year when I released and promoted my album THE PRICE OF THE TICKET through Pledge so it was not even a question that I would continue the journey forward, simply how to expand the premise. THE PRICE OF THE TICKET charted at #15 and fans had access to all the different associated items like test pressings, individually signed and numbered collectable picture discs, V.I.P. gig experiences, T-shirts and posters.

My new album campaign is again designed to have fans take part and contribute to the entire journey of the record – a visit to the recording studio, appearance in the videos, names in credits, attending playback and Q&A sessions.

PledgeMusic has become the one-stop-shop for all items and all news direct from me to existing fans and all new ones. I find it a wonderful concept! For me as an artist and also equally from the point of view of the fan, the fan or follower has so much more access to 24/7 news from me than they would have done in the old days.

How did you first hear about PledgeMusic?

Malcolm Dunbar, who runs PledgeMusic in the UK, I’ve known for many years. I met up with him, he explained the whole Pledge idea to me, I got it! I understood everything he was saying about the modern music world and from that point on it has been a natural fit.

If you were to make a split single with another artist/band, who would it be and why?

I think, off the top of my head, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Vanessa Paradis or Soko, they are all such integral and talented and charming females. Of course Bob Dylan, Iggy Pop etc. etc. But I must say I’m pretty happy with who is in my world already…..consider the line-up of musicians playing on THE PRICE OF THE TICKET – Lenny Kaye (The Patti Smith Group) James Williamson (The Stooges), James Sclavunos (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) and Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols)… that’s some great band! I have no idea who else will come into my life over the course of this new album.

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If you were to produce/remix another artist or band, who would it be and why?

I think I’m a pretty skilled producer now so I could probably produce an array of bands in alternative Rock n Roll and have them sound great. I listen to a lot of Hip-Hop, but I don’t know the studio standards for producing Hip Hop. Rock n Roll, Alt-Indie and Pop, yes.

What one question would you ask your musical hero and who is that person?

I don’t think I have any heroes per se. I will definitely ask Lenny Kaye to play the guitar again and I hope he’s available when I do propose it to him! One never knows… Patti Smith has first dibs on him of course and whatever else he’s up to. Schedules are as much key to everything as musical choices are if Lenny is busy when I propose a recording schedule then that will be his answer. Of course, James Sclavunos and I are already committed to playing together whenever anything happens.

If you were to hold a record-listening party, which record would you play, and who would you ideally invite to discuss it?

I am holding a listening party for my new album when it’s completed and it is one of the items that you can buy from my Pledge site. It will be conducted as a professional Playback Night and I will do a Q&A afterwards, fun times but also the ‘big reveal’! One always has a playback for the people you work with and selected friends, so this time I’m opening out that experience to my Pledge fans and followers too… very exciting! For us to all be able to take part in it together in real-time!

Which band would you most like to have been in and why?

Definitively I would have been in the huge line-up of musical guests when THE BAND did their THE LAST WALTZ gig at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, November 25, 1976. I’d have been up on stage when Bob Dylan and The Band sing ‘Forever Young’, ‘I Shall Be Released’ and ‘Baby, Let Me Follow You Down’. No question that is the one musical night in history I would have loved to have been part of and sung my heart out for.


Wendy James


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