SXSW is a key event in the global music industry calendar, and we are honoured to be working with some of the top emerging artists who will be playing there in 2019.

SXSW is the world’s leading music showcasing festival attracting the global music industry to Austin, TX every year. PledgeMusic has worked with artists and bands from across the UK to help them in raising funds to support their trips to SXSW and we’re hoping to grow our support for artists showcasing at SXSW 2019 by offering tailored campaigns!

PledgeMusic are offering support for artists working to showcase at SXSW 2019 by supporting artists/bands to run short fan-funding projects/campaigns, with an emphasis on offering fans extremely unique one of a kind products/experiences, in order to raise funds to pay for some of the costs involved in getting over to Austin, TX for SXSW in March 2019. We’ll help you come up with a tailored product mix of items that are cheap to manufacture but would also be of interest to fans who want something more and are willing to spend a little more to help you out…

We work with bands to create campaigns that carry the voice of the artists behind them. A bespoke product mix and the help of our marketing team here ensure we run projects that really engage the core superfans of artists’ following. All of our SXSW campaigns have been integral to ensuring that these artists can make the most from their trip at SXSW to showcase their music.

Take a look below at some previous SXSW tailored campaigns – don’t worry about the ‘Closed’ sign on the image, you’ll still be able to browse.

If you’d like to have a further conversation about starting a tailored SXSW 2019 campaign, contact for more information.

PledgeMusic are also partners in the PRS Foundations International Showcase Fund which funds independent artists and bands to go to showcasing festivals across the world – including SXSW! 

We’d recommend you look at applying for the International Showcase Fund if you meet the following basic criteria. 

Visit the International Showcase Fund page for more info.

Contact for more information about the PRS Foundations International Showcase Fund if you’re looking to apply.