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The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy

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“The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy” is an aural orgasm of musical bliss that will take the listener on a journey through songs filled with melodies, grooves, emotions, power and love. It is the sound of a band that has stayed true to it’s musical vision since it’s inception and the Heavy Metal Soul gumbo that 24-7 Spyz is famous for has never been more potent or tastier! This album has truly been the ultimate labor of love, born out of a need and a desire to live, breathe and bring the music to the people once again!

The making of the album was an emotional one which saw the band members battle through trials, tribulations, death and depression. But in the midst of all of those things came revelations, clarity and an even deeper understanding of what family and brotherhood is and you’ll feel and hear the power when you hear it.

The album was produced by Jimi “King Sepia XL” Hazel and Roman “Scissor Hands” Klun and mixed by legendary producer/engineer Terry Date & Jimi Hazel!

We plan on dropping this jewel of an album on the ears and hearts of the people at the end of the summer! Pre order your digital, CD or vinyl copy (or copies!) today and then tell your friend to do the same!


Jimi, Rick, Ronny, Fish & Tony aka 24-7 Spyz!

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The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy

The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy - Download

The Soundtrack To The Innermost Galaxy - Download

Available on MP3 or FLAC.

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