Big Lebowski song

When I played the Lebowskifest this year, I decided to write a song for it. The festival is a very relaxed, good time. Will Russell, who created this weekend, booked me and The Love Show. He’s a good guy.
Anyway, this is going to go on the live album.
Steve from .357 Lover and I recorded this in our practice room.

Hang on, Jean

We held a contest with Thrillist, offering a personal anthem to the winner who wanted one. I came at it as someone who used to work at a warehouse to supplement my obsession with music. So, we targeted folks who wanted to write the screenplay, comic book, album who were stuck working a job that depleted the energy at the end of the day. The anthem would serve as an “Eye of the Tiger” to the goal of making art.
Instead, we received an entry from a woman who was dying of a rare disease and wanted an anthem to help her conquer it. Medicine cured her and we like to think this song gave her daily hope. She is a doctor now and also enjoys performing on a trapeze. We’ve played this song while she’s performed.
This song is going on the studio album.