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New Album: Adult Angst Anonymous

Help The Cheek of Her record a new album: Adult Angst Anonymous! #PledgeMusic

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I, The Cheek of Her have been willingly sucked up into the land of music and melody. It’s what drives me and brings me the biggest joy imaginable. I’m passionate about writing songs, and to be able to record and share those songs, snippets of my soul, with others and to be accepted, appreciated and understood through those songs, is what I live for. Dramatic as it sounds that’s my music mission. I’m totally in love.

You can help me live out my passion for writing and recording new original music by supporting me in my PledgeMusic Campaign for a new 12 track Album I am so excited to record called “Adult Angst Anonymous”. All Pledgers automatically receive the full album download once it is available too! Plus there are some exclusives that you can buy too such as a handwritten lyric sheet or an acoustic Skype performance! Please check them out on the right.

The money raised goes entirely into recording time, mixing and mastering of the whole album and 10% of the total raised I am giving to The Music Therapy Charity, which is the only UK charity dedicated solely to Music Therapy research, and is completely reliant on donations. I have gained so much from music, so to give something back to help others through it is just wonderful.

I have self-funded two EPs in the past three years, through a mix of friends and Musicians helping out on the recordings and then working with some great Producers alone, who just let me express myself and be as zany as I wanted to be! I have gained experienced, improved my songwriting, defined my sound, and have a full body of work around a concept of “Adult Angst” I really need your help to make a reality.

Please Pledge and fuel my passion x

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to The Music Therapy Charity.

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AccessPass: Adult Angst Anonymous - Album

Adult Angst Anonymous - Album

Download of 12 track album “Adult Angst Anonymous” (AAA) by The Cheek of Her PLUS access to the exclusive updates!

New Album CD

47 left

The new 12 track album “Adult Angst Anonymous” (AAA) available on CD.

New Album Signed CD

44 left

The new 12 track album “Adult Angst Anonymous” (AAA) SIGNED and available on CD.

New Album Signed CD & Yes. It's a Love Song Signed Single

46 left

The new 12 track album “Adult Angst Anonymous” (AAA) SIGNED and available on CD, plus a signed CD of “Yes. It’s a Love Song”.

Signed Set List

10 left

From a recent The Cheek of Her show, the songs that were played, right from the stage and signed.

Thank you mention in a VLOG

9 left

A personal thank you message to you for pledging in a Video Blog I will sent out in an Album Update!

Acoustic track for you via Skype

4 left

I will play you a track of your choosing from the New Album on keyboard via Skype.

A Handwritten Thank you Letter!

4 left

You will receive a handwritten Thank you Letter for pledging from The Cheek of Her’s very hand! Let’s start the offline movement! :)

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

5 left

The song of your choosing from any of the EPs / New Album, written out by hand in a very special way personally by The Cheek of Her!

Red Mini Marshall amp

1 left

My red mini Marshall MS-2R.

Rehearsal Studio Hang

1 left

Come along to one of The Cheek of Her rehearsals with the band once the Album is launched! Find out what goes on behind the scenes and hear the new tracks with the band before everyone else! Signed CD included!

On Stage personal thank you!

1 left

Come up on stage and get a special mention for your support during one of the full band gigs once the Album has been released! PLUS signed copy of the CD.

Complete Signed CD Catalogue

14 left

SIGNED edition of ALL The Cheek of Her CDs! 1. Passionate Shit – EP (2011) very few physical copies remain! 2. Yes. It’s a Love Song – Single (2012) 3. Adult Angst Anonymous.

Cup of Tea with The Cheek of Her

4 left

A cup of tea and a chat in Central London with me PLUS I’ll bring along a signed CD of the New ALBUM.

Megaphone from Megaphonic!

1 left

You can buy the red and yellow vintage Megaphone I used in the promotion for Megaphonic EP (2012).

Acoustic House Concert

1 left

Your place. I’ll play a 30 minute acoustic set on keyboard of a mix of The Cheek of Her tunes! UK mainland only. I’ll also bring along a signed copy of the new 12 track Album “Adult Angst Anonymous”!

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