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Stephen Bedford

Stephen Bedford commented

Complete shot in the dark but I figured I would ask anyway. Its awesome to see that you are doing lyric sheets that are handwritten and signed. My wife and I got married to Tangled Up In You. Is there a way I got get a handwritten signed lyrics or even a lithograph to that song. Please let me know it would be a great Christmas gift to give her thanks.

Jeremy Bernat

Jeremy Bernat commented

You have to read it ver ycarefully Dee Snider did the same thing charges $ 60 for a signed piece of sleeve dont get me wrong I have around 200 pieces of signed memberabilia.You must read all the detal before purchase cuz I was about to purchase this and its not just pledges fault alot falls on the band cuz alot of bands need is up to them they are so far the more reliable but they did the same with Dee Snyders vinyl people were not happy to say the least! Remember read it carefully!!

Jeremy Bernat

Jeremy Bernat commented

Just whatch the fine print Pledge is actually legit but it can get aggravating .

Glenn Happner

Glenn Happner commented

There is two different packages. the bigger bundle states signed vinyl in clear print. A cheaper package states signed album sleeve. Very misleading and not what people paid for.

Brent Mork

Brent Mork commented

You're customer service sucks!!! I would like to know where my order is that I paid for. All the tracking to my town and than forwarded right back to the original shipper. But yet two of the other items I ordered were delivered without issue other than crapy packaging and total misrepresentation of the product I received from the description on your site. Sadly enough it looks like I'm not the only one by far that has this problem and feels the same way. I don't care who's to blame I would just like to get what I payed for.


BETH DEWS commented

I pledged for the digital download and tshirt. Has anyone recieved their tshirt? It gives a link to click to check on shipping info. I click the link and nothing...there are NO shipping details.

Artist response
Emily Grabowski

Emily Grabowski commented

Hi Beth,

We are checking on your t-shirt now. Appreciate your patience and support!


Glenn Happner

Glenn Happner commented

Yes agree with everyone..there is no signed vinyl in this package. There is a massive difference between signed record and signed poster! Sorry the hat is very lame as well i would have preferred a black hat with the patch provided. (The patch was also misleading not as shown in the picture)

Sorry Pledge Music you are not representing the artist well which is a shame. Im sure Aaron Lewis would be pissed that his fans are feeling this way about product with his name on it.

Glenn Happner

Glenn Happner commented

Update...I was contacted by email that they are fixing this mistake and sending me a signed "Vinyl" copy of Sinner not a signed poster of the album . I will update this again when it comes in. Thanks for addressing this issue.

Glenn Happner

Glenn Happner commented

Issue was not resolved. Obviously there is no signed vinyl available just the signed sleeve. If you look the biggest bundle clearly states signed vinyl.....The cheaper package advertises signed LP sleeve. Unless I'm missing something?

Gary Warren

Gary Warren commented

Very disappointed to receive a signed flat and not the signed vinyl as pledged. This ain't right. No more pledging for me.

John DiCapua Jr

John DiCapua Jr commented

I pledged for a signed cd /patch and a signed vinyl/patch.
Why did I receive a signed flat instead of actual signed Lp?
Very disappointing!!!
I would also prefer to send back for a refund. Especially because I just now received it. Sad.

Dustin Goodno

Dustin Goodno commented

Received my "signed vinyl". But of course he doesn't actually sign the vinyl, just a separate sheet of the cover is signed. It is very misleading. I would prefer to send it back and get my $40 back.

Tony Brock

Tony Brock commented

I agree. I bought the $90 dollar package thinking I was getting exactly what was advertised. I believe they should have advertised as to what we were gonna receive instead of lying about it and making us think otherwise.

Garon Horton

Garon Horton commented

HELP! I have the all access pass but can't figure out how to download anything! there is no download tab that works like it says in the FAQ!

Shawn Hempstead

Shawn Hempstead commented

Got my patch, still no record