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New film trailer & new screenings announced!

Hello Pledgers!

There is a new trailer for Acoustic Routes and it’s now available to view on the Facebook page

and over at You Tube

More UK cinema screenings in March are being finalised and as soon as we have more news Pledgers will get to hear it first.

In collaboration with Picture House and Music Film Network, Acoustic Routes will be screening in the following Cinemas;

March 1st – LONDON, with Q&A and a live guest appearance!
1 week run
More to be announced soon.

Exeter, March 4

York, March 4

Oxford, March 4

Aberdeen, March 7

Brighton, March 10

Norwich, March 10

Hackney, March 11

Bath, March 11

Clapham, March 14

Fact Liverpool, March 14

Edinburgh Cameo, March 18

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