Update No.6: The last one for NOW!... #AcouBomb is dead! Long live #AcouBomb

Good Day Good People and Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you’ve been wondering anything about me at all just now, you’ve probably been wondering why I’ve not been banging on about this PledgeMusic Campaign with only days to go! Well!…

As it turns out (and you may well have heard this already!) there has been BIG ‘trouble at mill’ with regard to the whole organisation at PledgeMusic to the point they have suspend operations until things have been sorted out.
Please read their statements here.


Admittedly, I thought things might get sorted out before it would come time for this #AcouBomb project to be funded and the campaign would be extended allowing us to make good on the generous support we have received from you thus far. But in any case, sadly my hand has now been played for me and as a result we must find a different route to get this project completed. The show must go on!

Ultimately your support is key to our progress so we certainly don’t want to mess around with the good will that has been generated from the beginning.


If you Pledged, THANK YOU!!!

(Hopefully you have already seen the previous post just for that very special group of 69…. In which case, no need to read any further)…
Feeling the Love – especially today!

The campaign will close on here today with assurances from PledgeMusic that no funds have or will be taken from your account.

If you shared, THANK YOU!

If you supported in any way, THANK YOU!

If you were hovering with fingers and thumbs getting ready to get involved…

Whatever the case, I’m afraid it does mean you having to make a few further clicks elsewhere to support us…

I sincerely hope you will come along as we move the party over to Indiegogo!

Please click the link below to signup and see a new trailer video… You’ll see we have been busy in the studio!
(Am I really rhyming…?)
Anyway, here is a little trailer for the trailer just for you!… A sampler if you will…
There will be more of these so be warned!…


Please do signup to the mailing list you’ll find there as it will make things so much smoother going forward and you’ll be among the first to know when the new campaign starts in earnest.

You will certainly be rewarded with a special THANK YOU for early bird signup’s…

Undoubtedly this has been a bit of a setback but I truly believe all good things will come of it!

Already, on a more positive note, I’m extremely happy to say Sound And Music are stepping up and helping us with a new plan but we still very much need your generous support to make it happen!

And in other news, I’ve somehow been nominated for a JazzFM Award – ‘Best UK Jazz Act’! (Balancing Act more like in my case)! It’s a public decision on this one so if you do feel inclined to vote (even if it’s not for me!) please go to the website here:


There’s so much great music and musicians around just now so if you’re feeling torn, I really won’t be mad if I don’t get your vote provided there is some #AcouBomb Love coming via Indiegogo…!

So in signing-off on PledgeMusic for the foreseeable feature, let me say one more massive THANK YOU for your continuing support of myself and my projects and a special BIG UP! to the 69ers… (I do hope you join them!) and hopefully we’ll catch you soon…

With Love and Gratitude

We hope your day is Fantastic!!! XxxX

Ps. If you are looking for some live music in London just now, I’m at the Vortex this Saturday with Andrew McCormack

And a again on Monday as a guest with Laura Cole and her great band Metamorphic

To be fair the Vortex are spoiling folks with all sorts this month but I have to big up my man Larry Bartley and his group playing there on Friday night and all the varied activity on Sunday with MOPOMOSO in the afternoon and Craig Taborn solo in the evening!….

Enjoy yourselves! XxXxXxX

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Update No.5: The Magical 69ers... THANK YOU!!!

Good Day Good People and Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’ve been wondering anything about me at all just now, you’ve probably been wondering why I’ve not been banging on about this PledgeMusic Campa...
This update contains
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Update No.4: CRAZY DAYS in an undoubtedly FULL ON YEAR...

Good Day Good People! Yes… Indeed and I’m not even talking about the ‘B’ word and the bewildering state of British politics! There are other places far more informative or/and entertaining on that subject should you desire it but I will say, it has all placed a deeper determination within me too get this project completed!
Here’s a little video from my 3rd gig of 2019 which proved to be a very special night at Cafe OTO. This was just the walk on music!… Gina Southgate was down to capture the event and I’ll have her previous prints available in the store as soon as I can sus it out! (Please excuse any ‘backside’ shots and if anyone out there has any footage or stills please be in contact!..).

And so back to my personally crazy time that in addition to the usual (and unusual) family business has already this January seen 6 gigs, 4 interviews, 3 rehearsals, 2 radio spots a sprinkling of session work and a big old pile of paperwork…(All within a 2 week period)!
This has mostly been great but also taken me away from the previously promised interviews! More pledger exclusives (Including that first with Orphy Robinson also containing a short cameo appearance from a mystery BASCA member at the Ministry) will be up very soon!

Again thank you to everyone who has come out and supported my efforts thus far and of course, extra big ups to the absolute visionaries who have already got behind this Pledge Music campaign. We are officially inside the last 30 days so if you are reading this post as someone who is ‘gonna get around to it’ or you are sitting on the fence, may I encourage you to jump down and jump in! Similarly to the thing that starts with a B and ends with IT, while an extension looks essential, it’s not at all a done deal and time is of the essence… Ultimately #everypoundmakesasound.

To sign off, here is a little vid of this years 5th trip and first overseas with Anthony Joseph in support of his album PEOPLE OF THE SUN of which I was thankfully tasked with producing. Some still don’t believe me but I promise you, it was extremely hard work even with a stint at various locations in Trinidad. (More on that another time perhaps…)!
We’ve just been given the greenlight from his label Heavenly Sweetness to commence work on the follow up so that’s is very cool indeed!
This clip features Mr Andrew John on Electric Bass, Bv’s and Moves and yours truly on Sax, Keys and Bv’s (kind of…). We had a grand time at Clamores which is a great spot in Madrid if you’re ever in town. Please note; a) it’s on a loop and b) the additional subtle subtitles that should both help attendees of future AJ gigs with participation duties and highlight just how much more beautiful pledgers #AcouBomb needs for this campaign to truly take off!

Now I didn’t really want to get the big guns out just yet (in truth there is plenty more in the tank if not necessarily time!) BUT… Having bought my son some new football boots in the sale not too long before, this happened right in front of me just as I was typing this up…
SO… If nothing else has previously inspired you, here is a message from one of our main supporters…
Let’s call it a gentle shove in the right direction… Or is it a strong directive delivered delicately.

In any case…


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Update No.3: HaPpY NeW yEaR! and watch this here...

Good Day Good People!

I hope both this update and 2019 has met you in a manner of your choosing…

Hopefully the Christmas holiday brought you everything you desired. I know I need another holiday but that’s another story…
So this is just a quick one to bring in the new year and share this short trailer of a short interview I did with the musical don that is Orphy Robinson OBE (don’t you know…). Of course you’ll have to be a fully signed up pledger to see the full interview and get the whole story which will come in another update in a few days…

It’s quite fitting that this series starts with Orphy as he’s know me the longest going all the way back to the time of the original Jazz Warriors… I believe I was at the soundcheck for the gig pictured below (likely too young to attend the gig).

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Jazz Warriors at Ronnie Scott’s back in the day.

Lastly for now, thanks again for the support thus far and if you haven’t done so already, please sign up to my mailing list which is getting a reboot! (As well as the website and all the rest! No time for a holiday just now…)

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Please join the mailing list! Who doesn’t love a CR Code? (apparently)

Have a great one! Cheers JYX

Ps. If you’re around and see this in time…. I’m at the Verdict in Brighton this Saturday January 5th in a quartet led by Darren Beckett and on Monday 7th in London at Cafe Oto, MDing a project led by Elaine Mitchener called Vocal Classics of the Black Avant-Garde.


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Thanks to all those who made it to the Podium Grounds and Botanique Rotonde

Heading home from Rotterdam and Brussels after a few days away with Anthony Joseph and I’m reminded that it’s less than 10 days until the hopeful joy, warmth and delights of Christmas and it’s also (probably/potentially) very soon less than 100 days until the (at the very least temporary) fearful confusion, coldness and dread of Brexit…
Somewhere in between all of this (sooner rather than later!) will fall the end of our #AcouBomb PledgeMusic campaign! We are about a 3rd of the way in and there is still plenty to do!

Now I don’t necessarily know whichever way you’ll ‘spend’ or ‘celebrate’ Christmas (or Brexit for that matter) but I do know these moments will come and pass and no matter what jubilation or hardships we face with them, music can be a beautiful constant lasting a lifetime providing joy and solace for all who’ll listen and feel.
So…! Please give the gift of music and support this campaign…

(Yes. I just made an update tying Christmas, Brexit and my 1st PledgeMusic campaign together… Crazy!) Anyway…

Throughout the campaign I’ll be throwing a spotlight on different members of the ensemble and talking about how we first got to play together etc. I’ll be sitting down with the first few suspects before Christmas so watch this space for an interesting look back as we move forward. In fact this Friday 21st at a central London location could be a opportunity for Pledgers to get involved… Sign up to see…

There will also be some nice new additions to the store before Christmas dinner is over too!
In the meantime…

To all of you who’ve come onboard already [Currently the MAGiC 33] THANKS AGAIN! …Superstars ALL!
And to all those who haven’t GET INVOLVED!

Ps. Try and have a good one whatever it is…