SILENCE THE WORLD finally out - today!

Finally – all you Pledgers. Big Thank You once again for your help and pre-orders.
Most of the Pledges are now shipped. Even though some stuff have to wait a few more days; College/windbreakers + handwritten lyrics. All this shipped early next week!
Hope you enjoy the new album. It is out now everywhere and here’s a few links how t hear it in digital form (download and stream):

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/silence-the-world/id609042692

Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/7LRpcKlUWBiGQZVz7MSMgb

Wimp: http://wimpmusic.se/album/19188927

Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/en/album/6382172

Appreciate your support and awesome if you wanna spread the new to friends and foes about the new record.

/ADEPT March 22:nd

College jackets and windbreakers added

Our Pledge campaign is moving ahead, but pretty soon about to end. As the release of SILENCE THE WORLD is getting closer. Only about a week + a day or two more left of it. Still possible to order our album, t-shirt/tank bundles, the newly added Playbuttons and more.

We are also adding a few jackets, one new Collegejacket and one Windbreaker jacket. Check them out!

Also, hope you checked out our new video, for the song “Secrets”. Spread the word and spread the link!

Bonus songs to all Pledgers + Playbuttons added

Got some really good news for all you Pledgers.

Extra songs:

As a special bonus we are gonna give all you Pledgers some bonus song.

Everyone that orders our album, or orders something from the Pledge will later on (July we hope) get a special treatment as we will record 2 bonus songs for you. So we will enter the studio in June somewhere to lay down these songs for you. A session re-recordings some older, pre-album songs.

And once these are mixed and mastered we will mail them to you for download. They won´t be available to others, until later in 2013. So a bit of a special gift to those of you who have supported us.

If you have already ordered something we will of course send to you guys as well.


Also, don´t miss the cool Playbuttons we have added. Very limited stuff that you should check out.

Never heard of Playbutton? Same for us up till recently, but….

It is a cool button/pin you can tag on to your jacket/bag or whatever…like a normal pin.

Then you plug in your headphones and hell breaks lose..You ca forward and rewind etc, a musical player basically where we have crammed in ADEPT music as Mp3’s. Simple as that.

There’s two Playbuttons available:

One that features the SILENCE THE WORLD album only
The second one features all ADEPT songs every recorded. COMPLETE ADEPT.
46 songs in total. All the albums, all the Eps from the start in 2004 till now.

  • You can also transfer these mp3’s to your computer

Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who pledged us!
You made us reach our goal within a couple of days. We’re already at 115%..and are getting ready to come visit you – touring hard on the new album.
You can still place your pledge order until the campaign runs out, pre-order the SILENCE THE WORLD album etc. More stuff will certainly be added, so check back soon for some really exclusive items to be added.

Also, this week we’ll have a bunch of things to reveal so back soon with more on that.

But just one more thing for now to keep you in the loop; this weekend we are about to shot the first video from this album. “Secrets” – in your ears and faces soon!