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'A Filthy Hunger' - New Music and Poems

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Hello, you there! Thanks for stopping by this new Pledge Music page that I’ve set up to help get my next project (which currently has the ultra-top-secret code name ‘A Filthy Hunger’) off the ground.

As part of this project I’ll be releasing an EP of brand new music recorded in collaboration with the wonderful Southfields String Quartet, who have been recording and performing with me since we made the album ‘Dig For The Promise’ together last year.

This new music will be produced with an entirely different approach to the last album, which came about from a very solitary process mostly involving me sat alone in a dark room making noises with computers and machines, occasionally taking breaks to weep and bemoan my loneliness. However, the core of this new EP will be recorded live with REAL, FLESHY PEOPLE in a fancy tracking studio in London. The aim is to capture more of the raw, ‘human’ energy the tracks have taken on after playing them in rehearsals and at gigs together over the past few months, and given that my home studio is literally the size of a shoebox, we can only achieve this if we can get into a suitable recording studio with some lovely analogue gear for that classic, warm sound.

The music will be available at first as a download, followed by a limited run of CDs, and eventually as a limited edition vinyl. As well as this, I’m publishing a collection of poetry as a companion piece to the music on the EP. This will be my first ever publication of poems, and the book will be presented in either a digital booklet as a download, or as a beautifully stroke-able limited edition print featuring new original artwork and a personal note and doodle from me in each one.

As well as this, by pledging you’ll get access to all the insider updates as the project gets underway, including exclusive videos and previews of the music before it’s released.

A huge thank you in advance if this project sounds like something you’d be willing to support by pre-ordering the EP or pledging for one of the incentives on the right hand side of this page. As an independent musician it’s a hugely exciting prospect for me to work with people who value the chance to get involved directly in helping to create what I feel is the most exciting collection of songs and words I’ve squeezed out of my squishy little brain to date. Here’s to the next chapter of The Little Unsaid Saga, and to your part in it!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Pick one of the trouser-wettingly exciting incentives on the right-hand side of this page.

2. Provide your card details, which are stored securely by Pledge Music.

3. If we reach the target, you are charged for the amount pledged; if we don’t, you are not charged at all (please note: you can also pledge via Paypal and your pledge will be taken immediately and refunded if the 100% target isn’t reached).

4. The EP is released and you receive your exclusive treats!

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AccessPass: A Filthy Hunger

A Filthy Hunger

The digital release of ‘A Filthy Hunger’ includes:

- Download of the new EP, featuring the Southfields String Quartet
- Digital booklet companion to the EP tracks including new unpublished poems and artwork

The New EP on CD

141 left

Includes immediate download of EP tracks and digital poetry book

New Electronic Music


Download some previously unheard electronic tracks I’ve been working away on for the past year.

Poetry Book

82 left

A beautifully printed collection of poems in a high-quality, sustainable paper published book, with a personal signed note and doodle by me in each one.

Vinyl EP

87 left

The EP on 12-inch vinyl complete with sleeve artwork. I cannot wait to play this!

Handwritten Lyrics Sheet

13 left

The lyrics from your chosen song, handwritten by me on finest quality paper, with a REALLY nice pen, signed, doodled on and dated.

Limited Edition Artwork Print

7 left

A high-quality, limited edition print of the artwork produced for the EP/poetry book.

Ultimate Package!

51 left

12-inch vinyl, CD, and poetry book package, all signed (also includes downloads).

Your Name in the Credits

15 left

You will be personally thanked in the credits on the physical prints of the EP, as well as in any credits on digital versions.

Remix Your Track

4 left

Send me your track or any recording of yourself and I’ll remix it in The Little Unsaid style.

Gig In Your House

4 left

I’ll come perform a solo acoustic concert in your living room, with a setlist chosen by you. I’m afraid this is UK only. (Travel and accommodation expenses to be paid by pledger and mutually agreed at the time of pledging)

Gig In Your House (with String Quartet)

3 left

Myself and the Southfields String Quartet will come perform an acoustic concert in your house.
I’m afraid this is UK only. (Travel and accommodation expenses to be paid by pledger and mutually agreed at the time of pledging)

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