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New Album: 'Always and Forever'

Our first album of brand new material in 5 years! Pledge to pre-order & unlock exclusive access to vids, tracks & more!


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Come join us as we complete the work on our new record – we’ve never created a pre-order campaign like this before and want you to be part of it with us!

Through PledgeMusic, we are creating the chance to be part of a totally unique AAF experience -- brand new to us too -- where you’ll be able to pledge towards the making of the record as well as never-before-released music, merch and experiences directly from us, not the label, management or some guy behind the computer. You will also be gaining access to exclusive updates and videos along the way.

Your pledge is a pre-order of the new album, and directly contributes to the release process. With all that we have been through over the years as a band internally and with you our fans we want to give you something exclusive for your continued support and help release this record with us!

There’s also going to be a lot of cool interactive things for us to do with you guys as we continue to bang out the record and get closer to the release. Help us choose artwork designs, weigh in on the track order, and help decide what our next single will be and more!

We’ve endured and persevered through some rough times, and your support has been amazing, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This is for you!

Music for the people, by the people….and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dryden, Terry, Tye, Mike

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AccessPass: Always And Forever

Always And Forever

Pledge here or below to receive an advance digital download of the new record + gain access to the exclusive updates we’ll be delivering up to release.

New Album on CD

53 left

The new album available on CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Exclusive Pledger-only AAF T-shirt

Exclusive Pledger-only AAF T-shirt

Get a one of a kind AAF T-Shirt only available through the PledgeMusic Pre-order.

Handwritten 'Thank You' Card Signed By The Band

All gone!

A special thank you card, written out by hand and signed to you.

PLUS a download of the new album.

Signed/Numbered CD Copy of New Album

All gone!

Get a CD of the new album and we’ll hit it with a Sharpie and sign it up before we send it out to you.

Exclusive Album Artwork Poster + CD

11 left

An exclusive, new 12×18 AAF album artwork poster + physical CD.

Signed "ANThology" on VINYL

5 left

“ANThology” on Standard 12” 180g vinyl for the first time ever. And signed.

AAF T-shirt + Signed/Numbered CD Copy of New Album

All gone!

Get the exclusive pre-order T shirt along with a signed and numbered copy of the new album “Always And Forever” (AAF).

Be 1 of 100 and get your name added to the back of the shirt, this will be an exclusive design that ties into all the bands records and designs that have been done over the years.

"Greatest Hits" on VINYL + T-shirt

55 left

Signed and numbered copy of “Greatest Hits” -- one vinyl for the first time ever and only available to pledgers. You will also get an exclusive AAF t-shirt and the new album download.



Get ALL records in a high quality mp3 including the first ver released Alien Ant Farm record, “Greatest Hits,” along with live recordings from throughout the years. Also included: 3rd Draft, Anthology, TurANT, Up in The Attic and Always and Forever.

Liner Notes + Signed CD

All gone!

You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. PLUS a signed CD.

Signed Drum Head & Exclusive T-shirt

All gone!

Exclusive pledger only t-shirt and signed drum head.

AAF USB Drive + AAF Flag Package

16 left

Get ALL records along with never-before seen video footage from the road, studio from over the years on a custom AAF USB Drive. You will also get the official AAF Colony Member flag exclusively to pledgers.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet + Signed CD

All gone!

Get a handwritten lyric sheet from Dryden plus a signed CD from all the guys. Please indicate which song you would like to have written when you place your order, these will also be signed and numbered by the band.

Jam With AAF

1 left

Jam with the band during sound check at the next headline show you want to go to.

Includes tickets for you and a friend to the show. (Does not cover any potential travel costs).

Includes membership to the “Colony” fan club

rampANT Skate Deck

1 left

The guys are starting a Skate Company called “ramANT” and this is the only place you will be able to get the first print and design of the board along with a signed copy of the new record.

Be Our Official Photographer

1 left

Be our official photographer for a show. You get to photograph us during soundcheck, backstage and during the show. You’ll keep your photos for personal use and we’ll highlight them on our sites. Band will be on tour: June, July and August 2013.

includes membership to the “Colony” fan club

AAF Autographed Lyric Book

2 left

Lyrics from “ANThology”, “truANT”, “Up In The Attic” and “Always And Forever” , as well as handwritten lyric pages and much more! Signed and personalized to you from Alien Ant Farm. This package also includes the pre-order for the new record.

AFF Golden Ticket

4 left

Your “golden ticket” to ANY Alien Ant Farm HEADLINING show Worldwide for LIFE!

Only available to pledgers. Festivals not included.

Spend The Day with the Band

2 left

Riverside, Los Angeles, CA Golfing, go karting, dinner and more! You will spend time with each of us individually and finish the day off with beers. Must be 21.

Hang In The Studio For The Day (Gang Vocals)

3 left

Be a fly on the wall in Los Angeles, CA as we record songs for the new album! You’ll get to be a part of gang vocals and we’ll buy you lunch!

Signed Guitar

1 left

Used on the new album and signed.

Acoustic House Concert (US)

2 left

AAF will come to your house and join you and 40 of your closets friends – the guys will play a glorious acoustic show and make unforgettable memories. Signed CD’s for everyone.

Dates are flexible. Travel and accommodations ARE in included.

Acoustic House Concert (UK)

1 left

AAF will come to your house and join you and 40 of your closets friends – the guys will play a glorious acoustic show and make unforgettable memories. Signed CD’s for everyone.


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