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'The Other Side' EP

Preorder my new EP & some other exclusive merch right here through PledgeMusic!


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Hi there. I’m happy to be partnering with PledgeMusic for the preorder of my new EP, ‘The Other Side’! When you preorder here it means you’ll hear the music first, plus you get acoustic versions that won’t be sold anywhere else. And you get access to some exclusive merch & bonus content such as Skype lessons, autographed CDs, a new t-shirt, and more.

I’d like to give a little backstory on these songs. In 2013-2014 I was simultaneously recovering from a painful injury & dealing with the end of my marriage. I dedicated time & energy to writing songs for a new record, but found myself riddled with writer’s block. So instead of forcing it, I chose to take the time to heal, spend time with friends & build a new life (and go to therapy, let’s be honest!).

Lo and behold, time did its work & I found myself on the other side (wink) of pain & hopelessness. Life in 2015 brought me new songs, new romance & the opportunity to work with Garrison Starr (a gem & such a talented writer) & Bill Lefler (a hilarious human who also brought these songs to life in production). Because I had no agenda I took musical risks, I sang out, & I pushed myself to explore writing outside of my normal process. In the end, what started as one fun writing session became my first release since Late Bloomer.

I’m looking forward to this music being in your ears & hearts & cars & phones & homes.

Thank you for listening.


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'The Other Side' EP Download

You’ll receive a digital download of my new 5-song EP + exclusive acoustic versions of the EP songs available only via PledgeMusic.

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