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This Cold Escape

Hey guys! We're making a new album and we want you to be a part of it!


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Growing up we were always fans of the ‘concept record’ and the idea that a song could be a part of a greater piece of work rather than just have its place in a track list. You know, Dark Side, Sgt, Peppers, Ziggy Stardust and so on…

We started working on a story about a man’s desire to distance himself from the world he’s crafted for himself in order to stay close to those he loves. The idea is loosely biographical. As musicians, we spend a great deal of time away from our families, friends and careers in order to create and perform our music. It’s a labor of love, but it can take a toll. At times we’ve thought about packing it in and focusing on a career that would provide a better life for our families and ourselves.

However being musicians is an integral part of who we are. We don’t think it would be possible to just walk away from that part of our lives. This is the concept we wanted to explore through our new record – the consequences of trying to completely remove yourself from the world you’ve created.

For the first time in our career we’re working in a creative space free from the “suggestions” and “guidance” of a third party. We figured now was the time to do something different; tell a full story through words and music. We’ll be filming a documentary capturing the writing and recording process that will be released alongside the record. We’re also developing a new live show that involves playing the record from start to finish with visual elements to accompany every song. Our goal is to finish this record and release it the way we’ve envisioned it.

Now what’s in all this for you? During the campaign we will be providing our amazing pledgers with exclusive info about what’s happening with the recording process, artwork and pretty much everything about this record. Be it through video updates, letters from the band or pictures we take, you’ll be the only ones with the inside scoop about what’s happening.
Not only will have access to some of the early demos so you can hear who the songs evolve over time but you’ll also get first dibs at anything and everything ‘Amos’. And, of course, you’ll have that wonderful feeling of knowing that none of this would have been possible without you.

3% post goal
3% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to CHEO Foundation.


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AccessPass: This Cold Escape

This Cold Escape

Receive a digital download of the new album as soon as its ready PLUS exclusive pledger-only updates throughout the entire process.

Entire Amos Digital Catalogue


Own the entire Amos the Transparent digital catalogue including, “Everything I’ve Forgotten to Forget”, “My What Big Teeth You Have”, “Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart” and “A is for Amos”

'This Cold Escape' CD (Signed)


The new album available on a signed CD. PLUS the album download and access to the exclusive updates.

Live Show Filming + Signed CD


So we are going to film a night of us playing the new record back to front. This will be recorded and filmed and released as bonus content to the new record. The show will take place in Ottawa in May 17th!

'This Cold Escape' Vinyl (Signed)


Get the Album on signed Vinyl. Bigger is always better!

All our Vinyl

48 left

Get both “The Story of Amos” and “Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart” on Vinyl for this great package price

Private Skype Lesson

15 left

60 min Skype Lesson. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Cello, Piano and more, you name it we will try and do it, hell if you want to try a bit of everything we can do that too! No previous experience required

In Person Private Music Lesson

9 left

Music lesson with the Amos member of your choice. This is an in person lesson, so only available in the Ottawa area.

A Role in our next video

17 left

A role in the next Amos the Transparent video.

Signed CD Package w/ Handwritten Lyrics & Illustrations

20 left

Jon will write the lyrics for you by hand. Included with this package is a copy of the CD and some illustrations.

Write a song for you

1 left

We write and record a song about the topic of your choice

Private Party with Amos

3 left

We will party with you for an evening, in Toronto or Ottawa. We might bring some guitars if you want. Likely we will bring some free goodies too and snacks and drinks!

Guest List for Life

3 left

We will give you all our music in digital form plus a new CD and Vinyl and you will get into all of our shows for Free!

Private Living Room Performance

All gone!

You provide the space we come and play an acoustic show for you and your friends, hell charge them cover if you like. This is available to anyone along the 401 between Montreal and Windsor or near any major metropolitan centers in Ontario.

Custom Amos Guitar

Custom Amos Guitar
All gone!

You will receive a custom designed Amos the Transparent electric guitar. Oh it won’t be a piece of shit either, we are talking good quality here with some custom art work! (Price includes shipping for North America on this item. For outside of North America please email for a specific shipping quote)

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