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Kailey Grubb

Kailey Grubb commented

I am still waiting on my signed record... I thought all the “loot” was shipping on the release date. Please let me know what’s going on with this!

zach tucker

zach tucker commented

Dear fellow music lovers. Please pull back your pledges while you still can or get refund through the bank. The bank refunds can only be captured after 90 days. The caretakers of are taking your money and running off with it while the artist and listeners are left with nothing!! Revolt!!

Sam Katz

Sam Katz commented

Pledge Music... PAY Aubrey!

Adam Weitzman

Adam Weitzman commented

There is something VERY WRONG with the album downloads! They're all freakishly huge for MP3s, and none of them play! Please fix soon.

Laura Clements

Laura Clements commented

Same thing for me -downloads won't play. They seem to need a "flac" file beside the "mp3" file like the other downloads on here to be able to play correctly

Rebecca Carroll

Rebecca Carroll commented

Please try downloading the mp3s again - the issue is resolved.

Laura Clements

Laura Clements commented

Thanks very much for fixing so quickly! The files have downloaded & are playing!

Dmitry  Makeyev

Dmitry Makeyev commented

What happened to March 15th early release for pledgers?

Derek Watkins

Derek Watkins commented

I've been trying to get the signed vinyl, but with the payment freeze PledgeMusic is going through right now, I've been unable to place the order. Is there any other platform I can order through?

Brett Harrington

Brett Harrington commented

Hey Aubrey,
I’m kicking off a YouTube talk show/ segment show for musicians and would love to have you on as one of our first artist! I want to do mainly brass players from a few different genres!

If you are interested in being on the show at all,
shoot me and email (
or you can call me at+12514638136
Thanks so much!
Big Fan!

Artist response
Aubrey Logan

Aubrey Logan commented

Aw wonderful! Will you please head to and send a message to my manager about this? I'd love to make it happen!

Artist response
Aubrey Logan

Aubrey Logan commented

If you get VIP tickets here on PledgeMusic, you will be contacted by my assistant, who will set you up! If you get those VIP ticks here today, we’ll put you on the guest list, and i will make sure I meet you in person, get a photo with you, shake your hand, and sign whatever you want me to sign!

James Davis

James Davis commented

Are VIP still available? PledgeMusic says it has stopped all pledges on active campaigns. Must be wrong...wanted to pick up tix for a March show!

J A Stidham

J A Stidham commented

Hi Aubrey, does the VIP concert experience include the show at Ronnie’s in London? The first show priority seats are already sold out, so congrats for that! Very excited you are coming to London!