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Brand New Album!

Pledge to join us in changing the way music is released! Exclusive updates leading up to the new BFF album!

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Welcome. The craziness of the past few days has galvanized into this experience here on PledgeMusic.

This is where the new Ben Folds Five album becomes yours. Not the full album itself yet, that’s still a work in progress. But your pledge begins this experience….

The music is the focus here, and that will be delivered, along with exclusives, videos, photos, and blogs.

The process is simple, yet meaningful:

1. Make a pledge (all prices are inclusive of shipping)

2. Stay tuned for the project updates

3. Share by linking your own social networks and become a BFF VP of Promotions

4. Comment and interact. We are here, and we are listening!

We’ll also be raising awareness to promote Music Education and the field of Music Therapy.

It’s all a work in progress. We’ll see how it all works and we’ll change course when necessary. The important thing is that the music gets out there and we exchange ideas and build roads.


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AccessPass: Project Updates

Project Updates

New CD


Remember these? Round, shiny……. Delivered to you as soon as we can!

Vinyl copy (unsigned)


Ben Folds Five Tour T-Shirt


A unique design from the past….we know you’ll wear it with pride.

New CD + Ben Folds Five Tour T-Shirt


CD, T-shirt.

Signed Vinyl Test Pressings

All gone!

We are going to make 20 test pressings of the new album. Signed and sent to you!

Limited edition signed and framed lyrics

All gone!

“Do It Anyway” (that’s the song you download free on
“Sky High” (that’s the song you hear in the background on the promotional video on
“Draw A Crowd” (you haven’t even heard this one yet!)

The lyrics will be handwritten on high quality paper stock and signed, matted and framed with a COA. There will only be 30 of these, 10 each of the 3 songs and they will be numbered. Ben, Robert and Darren will put on ruby red lipstick and seal each one with a kiss. That’s disturbing but true.

Signed & Framed Setlist Collection from Mountain Jam

Signed & Framed Setlist Collection from Mountain Jam
All gone!

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Original set lists from live debut of the reunited band at Mountain Jam, Hunter NY on Sat June 2 (6:45p-8:15p eastern) framed as one.

Note. We will contact you regarding additional shipping costs.

Your name in a song

All gone!

If you’ll send a name to be placed into the recording of “Do It Anyway” (with a few details to be mentioned in the lyric), we will replace the last verse of the song with your own personalized verse. The verse will be dropped into the original recording, mixed the same way as the record and mastered to fit seamlessly with the rest of the album. It will be your very own truly unique version of “Do It Anyway”. We will deliver this to you digitally and you can place it into your version of the album. Surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, child, dog, teacher, boss.

We will guarantee that we fit your name in (if the name is unusual please spell phonetically). We will do our best to fit your details given the constraints of melody with no guarantees. Just give us the name and some extra details and we’ll work it out!

It’s risky but we’re going to Do It Anyway.

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