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"Volume One!" and România Album

Join me, Ben, in the recording of these very first Ukulele Road Trips Albums, 'Volume ONE!' and 'The România Album'!


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Hello Hello! Bonjour! Fara Muraturi Multsu Mesc! Khubavo Boza! and гаряча поліцейський !!

It’s me, Ben from Ukulele Road Trips, with a big Album project I’m delighted to share with you!

I’ve been travelling far and wide the past year, singing songs and sharing my adventures, ukulele-ing away through fascinating lands.
Now, the time has come, to take these songs inspired by people and landscapes far away (or not far away, depending on where you live) and MAKE PROPER COOL SOUNDING ALBUMS !

And YOU can be in this with me! Aaaaand get the Albums as soon as they are freshly baked! Still hot when they arrive to your eager ears.

You can get lots of stuff too, cool stuff, like the book, lyric sheets, phone calls, a ukulele lesson, and songs! And also, you can commission a painting from me for some reason….

GET ON BOARD and let’s make this Crazy Project give birth to cool recordings!

And do get in touch ! Drop a hello or something!

From the bottom of my heart,
Thank You, thank you, thank you,

5% of funds
5% of all money raised will go to Doctors Without Borders.


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AccessPass: "Volume One!" and The România Album

"Volume One!" and The România Album

My 2 new Albums, ""VOLUME ONE!" and “The ROMÂNIA Album”, for you to download, as soon as they’re ready!

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

8 left

The song of your choosing, written out by hand, (my hand), with the lyrics and chords of the song, for Ukulele, or any other instrument ! Or just doodles and paint.

PDF Art Book of the advenure


The arty many-paged Pdf booklet of the adventure, with texts, original lyric sheets, pictures and drawings

On-Album 'A Capella' Song Dedicated to You

1 left

Chose your favourite song from Ukulele Road Trips for me to record an A Capella version of. I will dedicate this song to you on the upcoming “Volume One” Album.

Get a Musical Phone-call!

1 left

I phone you or a loved one up, and sing you a song of your (or my) choosing !!

PDF Art Book of the adventure + Bulgaria Album


The Bulgaria Album – all recorded songs from the backpacking BGian adventure!

The arty many-paged Pdf booklet of the adventure, with texts, original lyric sheets, pictures and drawings

Big fan Bundle: Albums + Lyric Sheet + Art Book


Get all 3 Albums, Volume One, Bulgaria Album, România Album
+ Handwritten lyrics sheet with dooooodles !!
+ The Arty PDF Book of the adventure

Deluxe Package: 5 Albums sent by post + signed Lyric Sheet


The România Album + Ukulele Road Trips “Volume One” + The Bulgaria Album + Ukulele Catches (Upcoming) + Chansons Françaises Originales (Upcoming) + Personalised lyric sheet w/ chords + Artbook of the Adventure

Ukulele Skype Lesson

1 left

Let’s get together on Skype and work on some Uke!! 40 mins (2×20mins)

Original Song for YOU or a loved one!

4 left

I will write and record an original song for you one of your loved ones !
And also, send it to you :)

1m x 1m Painting !

1 left

1m x 1m Painting inspired by the 9-month adventure !
It’s not gonna be good.

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