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New Triple Album

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As the PledgeMusic campaign is now closed, you can head over to to purchase the new album

I’m really psyched up about doing a new album on Pledgemusic, this is my third one here, and its also a triple album, so by now I’m something of a serial offender!

When I made the last two albums, Flowers & Dirt and Blackheart, I really loved the fact that I was able to be hands on and communicate directly to fans, as an independent musician that was a really positive experience, so much better than the past when the cold, dead, (and also pretty judgemental) hand of the corporate music industry (in the shape of a record company) laid over everything you tried to do.

It was also really great being able to go out and tour ‘Flowers & Dirt’ and ‘Blackheart’: we would not have been able to do that without getting a new album out through Pledgemusic and the crowdfunding process. We will be going out to tour ‘Dublin Cowboy’ in April 2017, after its release, and you can jam with us or just hang out: I can’t wait to go out and tour the stuff we’ve been working on!

The new triple album is called ‘Dublin Cowboy’, basically because I am from Dublin! Not sure about the ‘Cowboy’ bit! I really wanted to do a ‘big’ album that gave me a chance to do lots of things that I had not done before, like the acoustic album. Doing an acoustic album really is a first for me, and I find that really exciting, and a challenge, I’ve got some great really cosmic stuff planned for it!

The studio album and the live album will rock bigtime, lots of exciting new stuff planned for the studio album too!

So this one is a really special project for me and we have some great exclusive experiences and items again like the earlier pledges, the first 100 CD orders will get a FREE vintage ‘Stratocaster Gypsy’ DVD, and everyone who pledges will get an immediate download of the Dublin Cowboy Live album.

I hope you become part of this album and pre-order, and if so I thank you for your generosity and for your continued support over so many years. Thank you from my heart for enabling me to do the thing I love most, to make music for you.

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AccessPass: New Album Digital Download

New Album Digital Download

High quality digital download of Bernie’s new triple album in either FLAC or MP3 320kbps format – released to Pledgers WAY before the album’s commercial release date! And you get an IMMEDIATE download of the ‘Dublin Cowboy Live’ album!

Official Live Bootleg DVD

Official Live Bootleg DVD
62 left

DVD LIVE BOOTLEG VIDEO OF THE DUBLIN COWBOY LIVE PERFORMANCE (with extra tracks): Limited edition DVD in plastic wallet filmed at the Dublin Cowboy Live recording: contains extra tracks NOT included on the cd or in the download.

Note that this is a fixed bootleg ‘fly on the wall’ one camera recording, NOT a professional multi camera shoot.

Region 0 (will work on all regions i.e. NTSC, PAL, etc)

New Triple Album CD

New Triple Album CD

‘Dublin Cowboy’ triple cd in a cool and dinky slip box case.

Signed Vinyl Double LP 'Flowers & Dirt'

Signed Vinyl Double LP 'Flowers & Dirt'
9 left

For the audiophile, Vinyl Double LP ‘Flowers & Dirt’ in a full colour gatefold sleeve on warm-sounding vinyl and signed. Includes ‘Flowers & Dirt’ download code.

SIGNED New Triple Album CD

SIGNED New Triple Album CD

SIGNED CD! ‘Dublin Cowboy’ triple cd in dinky box slip case signed by the man himself!

Signed Box Set of 3 Japanese Bernie Torme CDs

Signed Box Set of 3 Japanese Bernie Torme CDs
All gone!

Signed box set of 3 Japanese Bernie Torme (Turn Out The Lights, Electric Gypsies, Live) CD’s in replica original mini-album sleeves. Signed limited edition of 5.

Signed A3 Keery Irvine Fine Art Print

Signed A3 Keery Irvine Fine Art Print
18 left

Signed A3 Keery Irvine fine art print (a numbered signed limited edition of 20) from the Rory Gallagher festival in Ballyshannon on fine art paper. Cool and atmospheric picture personally approved and signed by Bernie, perfect for framing!

One-off 'walkerprint' promo picture of the Gillan band

One-off 'walkerprint' promo picture of the Gillan band
All gone!

Historic signed one-off ‘walkerprint’ promo picture of the Gillan band. From 1979/80, signed at the time by all the members of the band.

Gillan period stage pirate jacket/coat

Gillan period stage pirate jacket/coat
All gone!

Gillan period stage pirate jacket/coat. Handmade one off vintage theatrical pirate coat

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