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Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1


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Hey all,

First of all, I just want to start by saying a HUGE “thank you” to everyone who supported, participated and spread the word about our first PledgeMusic campaign. What a blast we had making LUNCH. DRUNK. LOVE. with you guys. It was a lot of work and there were some speed bumps along the way. But that said, we learned SO much about this new and AMAZING revamp of the music industry known as “fan funding.” You guys are the label now! And bands depend on you more than ever. The fact that bands like us know this, is what makes it so special for the fans! You get more inside access and information than ever!!! We think we have any bugs worked out with fulfillment, shipping, and overall timely delivery of a new album project and the exclusives you choose to go with your pledge!

If you are new to the whole PLEDGEMUSIC thing…Read on! I think you will be stoked with what you are about to read!!!

Welcome to the 2nd PledgeMusic campaign for Bowling For Soup. For those of you that do not know, our “little band” turns 20 on June 4, 2014. You heard me. 20 YEARS OLD! We have always dreamed of doing a full on BEST OF BFS project and we feel like this is the time.

A few years ago, we got dropped from our major label. Less than a few weeks after this happened, “The Man” released a BFS GREATEST HITS on their own. They did not consult us OR the fans on song selection, art work…Nothing! In fact, we didn’t even know the album existed until months later.

So we have decided it is time for us to do it right! We started by making a list of any and all singles, obvious fan favorites, and songs that set Bowling For Soup apart from the rest. The list was HUGE!

Especially since this project will include us RE-RECORDING the songs.

Note: We are not REDOING the songs. No rearranging. No lyric changes. But we started recording 20 years ago! We really wanted a chance to bring our older material to life with better recordings (not to mention the fact that we sorta know how to play our instruments now)!

So, we have decided to take on the first 10 years of our career….

Bowling For Soup: Songs People Actually Liked – Volume 1 – The First 10 Years (1994-2003)

We will release a track listing as we go. As of now, the album is 17 classic BFS songs from the first 10 years of our band re-recorded to bring them the glory we think they deserve and 1 brand new original song!

Ok, ok…You know about the album, but now you are asking, “What’s in it for me?!?!”

By pledging, you’ll get the album the second it’s done. Along the way, you’ll be able to access exclusive updates as we record the songs. It will be almost like you are there!

Just $10 gets you a download of the new album as soon as it is done plus the exclusive updates!!

Just $15 gets you that download, plus the new album on cd, PLUS a download of the album commentary!

Have a look to the right -- and see all the other stuff we’ve listed that can be yours. There is everything from pieces of BFS history, to exclusive T-shirts and posters, BFS cooking lessons, and even a round of golf with the band!

Remember, you only HAVE to pledge for the $10 download to get the Exclusive content…And believe me, there will be a LOT!

And the REALLY cool thing about PledgeMusic, is if you decide you want to add something else later, you can!!!

We will again be donating 5% of pledges to Sweet Relief – an organization that provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are struggling to make ends meet while facing illness, disability, or age-related problems. In other words, Healing Musicians in Need.

That’s about it! Thank you all SO MUCH for supporting Bowling for Soup…Whether you are a new fan or one that has been with us the whole time, we couldn’t do this without you…And trust me…We know it!!

We love you!

Jaret and the guys

5% of goal
5% of goal will go to Sweet Relief.

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  • Access to this artist's updates
  • Shipping and handling
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AccessPass: Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 (1994-2003)

Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 (1994-2003)

Digital Download of the new Greatest Hits Album, ‘Songs That People Actually Liked Vol. 1 – The First 10 Years 1994-2003’, including EXCLUSIVE pledger-only updates along the way

All Access Artist Pass + Sticky Pass - 2013 UK Farewell Tour

All Access Artist Pass + Sticky Pass - 2013 UK Farewell Tour
165 left

Get one of the OFFICIAL All Access Artist Passes (two sided…includes dates!) PLUS a Sticky Pass from the 2013 UK Farewell Tour.

'Making Lunch.Drunk.Love' DVD

32 left

The DVD ‘Making Lunch.Drunk.Love’, PLUS exclusive pledger-only updates along the way.
This is a MUST, especially if you pledged for Lunch. Drunk. Love.!
NTSC Compatible.

Autographed 8"x10"

42 left

An autographed 8″×10″ from the whole band.

Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 on CD

Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1 on CD

The new album available on CD. PLUS access to the exclusive updates.

Autographed 'My Wena' Promo CD VERY RARE!

Autographed 'My Wena' Promo CD VERY RARE!
All gone!

The UBER RARE ‘My Wena’ promo CD. Also includes the original 7 Ft penis video!!!! Autographed.

BFS 20th Anniversary Calendar


Bowling For Soup 20th Anniversary Calendar – June 2014 through December 2015.

Includes download of the album.

Signed "Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1" CD + Commentary

Signed "Songs People Actually Liked Vol 1" CD + Commentary

The new CD. Signed. Download of the album’s commentary included.

Signed Exclusive Poster

Signed Exclusive Poster
33 left

Signed Exclusive Silk-Screened Album Poster. ONLY Available here!

Autographed 'Turbulance' Promo CD VERY RARE!

Autographed 'Turbulance' Promo CD VERY RARE!
All gone!

The UBER RARE ‘Turbulance’ promo CD. Autographed.

Exclusive T-Shirt


New design just for pledgers. PLUS Exclusive updates.

'Drunk Enough To Dance' DEMOS CD

31 left

A CD of the original 17 demos sent to producer Butch Walker before beginning recording Drunk Enough To Dance album (includes UNRELEASED previously songs) PLUS exclusive pledger-only updates.

Signed BFS Drum Sticks (Pair) + Guitar Pick (Plectrum)

41 left

Autographed BFS drumsticks (pair), plus a Plectrum guitar pick from E, J & C.

Signed CD + Commentary + Signed Excl. Poster

Signed CD + Commentary + Signed Excl. Poster
12 left

The new CD signed, the commentary and the signed poster.

Skype With Chris

16 left

Hang out with Chris on Skype!!! He may even do a puppet show!

Signed CD + Commentary + Exclusive T-Shirt

Signed CD + Commentary + Exclusive T-Shirt

The new CD and tee.

Autographed + Personalized BFS Lyric Book by Jaret

202 left

Get your very own personalized, autographed BFS lyric book by Jaret. This will be a 300+ page book of all BFS lyrics, Jaret’s handwritten lyrics, and photos of the band throughout the years.

12" Replica of Jaret's Guitar With Stand

12" Replica of Jaret's Guitar With Stand
91 left

Get the 12" replica of Jaret’s guitar! Exclusive to Pledgers.

Signed CD + Commentary + Signed T-Shirt + Signed Poster

Signed CD + Commentary + Signed T-Shirt + Signed Poster
23 left

The new CD signed, the signed tee and the signed poster.

Signed 12" Replica of Jaret's Guitar With Stand

69 left

Autographed 12" replica of Jaret’s guitar with stand. Exclusive to Pledgers.

'Special Occasion' MP3 From Jaret

2 left

The ‘Special Occasion’ MP3 from Jaret to you or someone of your choosing…He can wish someone happy birthday or anniversary, or even tell you to piss off! You make the call!

Skype Cooking Lesson With Erik

7 left

Get together with Erik on Skype and work on some cooking.

Skype Guitar Lesson With Erik

All gone!

Get together with Erik for a Skype guitar lesson.

RARE Autographed 'The Great Burrito Extortion Case' Poster

All gone!

VERY RARE Autographed 24″×24″ ‘The Great Burrito Extortion Case’ poster.

BFS Anniversary Weekend In Dallas

All gone!

BFS Anniversary Weekend June 6-7 at the House Of Blues Dallas.
June 6 – PRIVATE event for PLEDGERS and BFS invites ONLY!
June 7 – 20th Birthday show!
special guests BOTH nights
*Includes One Ticket.
*Both shows are all ages.

Signed Handwritten Thank You Card

26 left

Get a handwritten “Thank You” card from the band. Signed.

Your Song Played & Discussed On Jaret's Podcast

All gone!

Your chance to put your music in front of thousands! Jaret will play and discuss you or your band’s song on his podcast.

Autographed BFS/Patent Pending Drum Head - 2013 UK Tour

17 left

Autographed BFS/Patent Pending drum head used during the 2013 UK Farewell tour. Signed by BOTH bands!

Song On Album Dedicated To You Or Someone You Choose

All gone!

One song on the album will be dedicated to you, or someone of your choosing on the CD packaging AND in the commentary.

Includes a physical CD and the commentary download.

Autographed Print Set - David Kai Piper

25 left

Original LIMITED EDITION print set from David Kai Piper

Round Of Golf + Lunch With Jaret, Gary & Chris

All gone!

Enjoy a relaxing round of Golf with Jaret, Gary, and Chris, filling up with a nice lunch afterwards.

DFW area only.

Signed Official 'Drunk Enough To Dance' Ireland Gold Plaque

Signed Official 'Drunk Enough To Dance' Ireland Gold Plaque
28 left

Signed, personalized ‘Drunk Enough To Dance’ official Ireland Gold plaque. This is the SAME plaque the band members have on their walls! Your name engraved on the plate!!!

Autographed Guitar

Autographed Guitar
5 left

Autographed Guitar: Full-sized black Music Man Sub guitar (just like what Jaret plays!).

Write & Record A Song With Jaret

1 left

Write & Record a song with Jaret in the studios.

- Includes one day in the studio
- Dallas or LA area only
- Travel/Accommodations not included

Be Named Executive Producer On The Album

All gone!

Your name will be listed as Executive Producer on the album credits. Deadline for this pledge is April 20th.

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