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Walt Whitman Mall LP

Pledge to pre-order my new album #WaltWhitmanMall on vinyl or digital. Private studio session with limited availability.

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Every Pledge comes with the new album (high sonic quality) download before it is released!

Hi, I am Bill Janovitz from Buffalo Tom. The time nears for me to release my newest project, which some of you have been following on my blog. It’s titled “Walt Whitman Mall (”Long Island of the Mind" was the working title) and many of you contributed and listened as I recorded and posted the tracks. Thank you.

As I bring it into port, this campaign is meant to specifically cover the costs of manufacturing vinyl, recording, mixing, mastering, and for promoting the album.

I have also decided to release some limited edition items and experiences in this project, including the vinyl test pressings, handwritten lyrics, and participation in a session at Q Division in Somerville on February 28.

As with other crowd-funding projects, I must raise my entire goal in order to produce the items offered. If that goal is not reached, you will not be charged. But this is not a donation site.

This is where I’ll be engaging you with exclusive updates, and where we’ll build our community relationship and make something together.

Looking forward to doing this with your help.



Photo by Stephen Dowling

10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to New York Cares.

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AccessPass: "Walt Whitman Mall"

"Walt Whitman Mall"

12-13 brand new songs, recorded at home and elsewhere, all thematically centered. Some of the subjects are people in their 40s, real or imagined, some on Long Island, some here in Mass. Most have to do with the push-and-pull of the past and present.

Postcard From Bill

22 left

I’ll send you a thank you postcard with an original drawing.

Vinyl LP of the Finished Project

71 left

I will be printing 500 copies. I am allotting 250 for signed copies. If those do not all get taken, there may be more than 250 unsigned available.

Signed Vinyl Album

155 left

Signed Test Pressing

All gone!

Before the album is manufactured, I get a white labeled test pressing to preview. Only a few will be offered.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

All gone!

The song of your choosing, written out by hand, along with a hand-written personal note with my brief (or not so) thoughts about the song.

Skype Guitar Lesson

All gone!

An hour or so on Skype and I will teach you how to play any Buffalo Tom song on guitar. This assumes you already play guitar, of course; I can’’t be running you through scales.

Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed LP

All gone!

You’ll be part of the new album…literally. With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. PLUS a signed vinyl album.

Exclusive Q Division Session - You Sing Back-Up Vocals

12 left

A song to be included on the project. You have to be able to make the session in Somerville, MA on 2/28/13. We’ll probably start in the evening. This is for one person’s inclusion. $200/couple. Beer and pizza on me.

Signed Galley Copy of My Forthcoming Book

All gone!

This is a single signed copy of the early edit of my forthcoming book on the Rolling Stones, It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll: 50 Tracks That Tell the Story of the Rolling Stones, due on St. Martin’s Press Summer 2013.

Dinner with Bill

All gone!

I pay. A lovely dinner at one of my favorite Boston area restaurants, Chez Henri in Cambridge. We will eat, drink wine, and talk about whatever you want.

Acoustic House Concert

1 left

Your place, within an hour drive of Boston. You help pick the songs for an acoustic evening of music. Date to be mutually determined and subject to availability.

Acoustic House Concert on the Road

All gone!

Anywhere in US or Canada. You help pick the songs. Date subject to my availability. Travel and hotel to be paid by you.

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