Action Changes Things!

You’ll be pleased to hear that things are hotting up in Bottledom – we now have three quarters of mixes in the bag and the artwork is 95% complete!

We can now reveal that the album cover has been worked on with the lovely graphic designer and artist, Matt Dufour at Impala Vision. We had a lot of fun and drank a lot of coffee!

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Under his Atma Studio guise, Matt has been recently responsible for some jaw-dropping large-scale murals for the British Postal museum, The William Morris gallery and even one of Sylvia Pankhurst’s eye (for her grandaughter’s pub)!

If for some reason you missed our last update, in the autumn we made this track, plebs, available as a sneaky peak of The Other Place:


We’ve been very pleased and heartened with your responses!

The album has been through many twist and turns and it’s turning and twisting out bigger and better than ever anticipated. As before, we’re not able to give an exact release date* (other than ‘soon’) but your patience and generosity are much valued. Hey, we’re on Devon time!

Best wishes and gratitude

Billie and the band xxx

*P.S. The official release date will be communicated directly by us and if PledgeMusic suggest another date it is to be ignored as we are aware that there has been a blip in their automated system.

AccessPass Update

"Wait a minute... Wait a minute... Now!"

So, here it is – the first glimpse of The Other Place! Inspired by a taxi driver we met outside the Imperial War Museum on the last day of our dontjustvote.org tour, plebs is an anthem for our ...
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AccessPass Update

Out Of The White Void

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It's Happening!

It’s been a whole season since our last update and we wanted to let you know that things are very much happening in the land of The Other Place. As producer, Lee started by tidying up and prepar...
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Without Small Cogs...

Thank you so much for your support so far for our crowdfunder/pre-order for The Other Place. We’ve raised an amazing 96% and are feeling rather buoyant!

We have just under 8 days now to reach our target (and beyond…).

Here’s Martine and Billy at home playing an off the cuff version of Cogs (from the forthcoming album).

Enjoy and please share it to aid the cog’s momentum.

Much love

Billy, Martine and the band xxxxxxx