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james joyce

james joyce commented

Where do i get the code for the download??

Richard Ryea

Richard Ryea commented

Does anyone have the correct download? The download listed is a joke. The label needs to check these things over before sending it out. The band's name is spelled 3 different ways plus one wrong name completely. There is wrong artwork. I can't get it work on the phone.

Can someone from the band's label please fix this?

brett seymour

brett seymour commented

Damn i thought today was the last day ? Its closed ? Can i still order ?

Derek Demoruelle

Derek Demoruelle commented

Are the t-shirt and pin set shipped with the record? I just received the record but the package was opened so I don't know if the shirt and pin were lost or not.

Glenn Bennett

Glenn Bennett commented

Hi guys! I'm a UK fan. Am I still able to Pledge and receive the vinyl etc.?

brett seymour

brett seymour commented

Any chance some of the autographed silver vinyl either single or in a package weren't claimed and may become available? I couldn't swing the cash before Christmas but can now.

Jer Evans

Jer Evans commented

same as Darren below...i see the DL link, but it wont let me click anything (or the Pass). I'm waiting for my LP that's shipped, so if the code is in there...all good.

Darren Diss

Darren Diss commented

No code in the vinyl so I'm a bit confused. Hopefully someone will sort.

Darren Diss

Darren Diss commented

I am probably looking in the wrong place but where can I get the download? Can't see anything in the Access Pass? The vinyl arrived today - love it!

Theodore Tarris

Theodore Tarris commented

What's the track listing?

Greg Bass

Greg Bass commented

A1 Hallucination Generation
A2 Indigo
A3 Born To Cry
A4 Hang Around
A5 Oh Yeah (The Bitch Wants More)
A6 Shout It!
B1 So Many Nights
B2 Melody For Lovers
B3 Hold On
B4 Anymore
B5 Rock N´ Roll Loser

Brad Smith

Brad Smith commented

Sorry for so many questions but do the pedal and cymbal have all band member signatures?

Artist response

Anonymous commented

Brad, all the members have signed the cymbal.
Plus original bassist Travis.

The pedal is only signed by Tuk.

Thanks for checking it out!