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Album #5 "To Hell With You"

Come along for the ride: new CD "To Hell With You" plus interact with me in the "Redhead Record Club," the studio & MORE

Editing Bonus Ep

of goal

Pledge now and download the new album “To Hell With You” in this update:

Plus, stay tuned for more “Redhead Record Club” 2013 songs!

…i’ve got a new record, a brand newWw record – and i’m real friggin’ excited to share it with you here on Pledge Music. buuUt, i’ve also got a lOt more for you, and you will hear it all here firSt!

Music available here on Pledge (not actual album covers):

“To Hell With You” & “Redhead Record Club” – to receive these 2 collections, plus all of the THWY bonus tracks, select the “Give Me Everything New” bundle!

“To Hell With You” is my 5th studio “Bleu” record, and so far i’ve debuted 3 songs, i will debut the title track sooOn…and i’ll debut it here first….i’ve definitely taken some creative turns (“new directions”) with THWY…in a way, it harkens back to some of the electronic experiments of my first record "Headroom"…but at the core, it’s all heavily crafted melodic/lyric based as usual…there’s ear-candy (“bells and whistles”) galore…anywhoodle -- i think you’re gonna enjoy this little indie adventure!…

“Redhead Record Club” – celebrating the 10 year (TEN!?!) anniversary of my major-label debut CD (that i think still has a few fan favorites on it?) -- when you pledge to join this club, you will receive 1 song a month for over a year, a brand new re-imagined version of a song off of Redhead…i’m planning on getting a lot of my friends in on these new versions and i’ll send updates and pics from the studio! (plus, you can actually get involved in the recordings if you want..check out those rewards)…

By Pledging today, we will have new music to you within 24 hours in the first “Pledger-only” update:
♦ $10+ exclusive get a download of “It’s Not Over (‘Til It’s Over and Done)” from “To Hell With You”
♦ $40+ exclusive get “Searching For The Satellites” the 1st re-imagined “Redhead Record Club” song (!)
♦ $75+ exclusive and get “Jennifer” – a bonus track – i wrote this for Jonathan from Illinois who participated in my last fan-funding with a birthday song…this was for his lovely wife!

…before i go any further, i want to say an enormous thAnk yOu (a miLLiondey times over) to eveRyoNe who participated in my last fan-funding don’t even understand..your support is genuinely what keeps me going with my artist career…and it means the worLd to me….so THANK YOU! and thank you in advance for supporting all my new musical releases here…i realllly can’t thank you enough for how far you’ve brought me, i’m looking forward to embarking on this new little adventure with you….

aside from MUSIC, there are a ton of other exclusives available here:
Limited edition To Hell With You t-shirt, a special T that will only be available here
House Concerts! i’ve played so many of these now..and they are aLwAys a total-blast….it really is such a beautiful way to connect with people (sounds hippie-dippie, but it’s true)…honestly, i’d love to try and do a whole HOUSE CONCERT TOUR, so please take a look at these options (US & International)
♦ Executive produce a song on the “Redhead Record Club” …where you can kinda-sorta boSs me around!….
♦ Writing sessions, Producer sessions & more!

QUESTIONS regarding an exclusive? please email and we will try to get your question answered asap.

..there are some more notes below & some testimonials from people who supported my last project…thanks for reading all this, let’s get started!

To Hell With You! (<-- noO, not really…wait ‘til you hear the friggin’ song..)

muchO suPer eXtra lovEy-dOve,

Listen to 3 tracks from “To Hell With You” on SoundCloud:

“It was an incredible opportunity to get to write with someone who’s music I have loved so much over the years. He connects with you and what you are trying to accomplish very quickly and works really, really hard to achieve a great song. In other words, he takes you, the song , and the craft very serious. He is a master at production, very detailed and understands minutia and stylistic nuances that take the song to another level. Since the first co-write, I have had the thrill of continuing the relationship and we now have 4 songs!” – Danny, Forth Worth Texas, 2010 songwriting session reward

“I had the good fortune of selecting the Birthday song ‘reward’ for contributing to Bleu’s Kickstarter campaign two years ago and was absolutely thrilled with both the process and the result! This was no mere toss off tune. Bleu thoughtfully incorporated my lyrical and stylistic cues/requests and created a thoroughly unique and wonderful song that to this day brings a tremendous smile to my wife and me. What a special, unique and enduring birthday surprise for my wife, crafted with love and care from a fantastic artist! Thank you Bleu for a truly memorable song for us that continues to vastly exceed its monetary cost.” – Jon Boba, Chicago Illinois, 2010 Birthday Song reward

♦ Shipping – the “To Hell With You” & “Redhead Record Club” digipaks will ship separately. “To Hell With You” estimated shipping will be March 2013 (limited edition T’s will ship at this time as well). “Redhead Record Club” digipaks will ship in…2014 (after the monthly tracks are compiled). International shipping has been calculated for two separate mailings.

♦ Dinner for Four – this one is available in Boston, NYC, Philly, DC, Los Angeles, if you are concerned about your location please email me, and if you don’t live IN one of these, again, please email before making this pledge

♦ House Concerts – these can be totally private or open to the public, etc. (your call)…a small P.A. will need to be provided (we’ve done this for all the house concerts and it’s always worked out great)…i’ve played house concerts in MA, NY, CT, NJ, DC, OH, PA, VA, TN, CA, AZ, TX, WA & more, and they’ve all been pretty dern fantastic…/if i can connect the dots across the US i will do a whole house concert tour, email me with your questions:

♦ Songwriting – this exclusive tends to work best if it’s in person i think (although, there are some exceptions to that), and don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we’ll have a blast writing a song together no matter what..i’ll provide you with a basic “demo” at the end of our session…fyi, this cost does not include any travel or lodging to Boston or LA.

♦ Producer sessions (this was one of our most popular and successful rewards from the last campaign) – these costs do not include travel, lodging, or additional players (i.e. strings, which aren’t necessary, but you may enjoy, depending on what you’re into), but they do include my services as a mixer…you will receive a fully finished professional recording that is ready for release..with the same attention and detail that is provided to the records that i produce professionally…and we’re now providing this option to folks on the west coast as well as the east!

please allow plenty of lead time for any reward $300 and above (non-merch rewards). the “in person” & songwriting rewards need to be carefully scheduled and some i will be able to fulfill quicker than others but some might take up to 6 months to a year to complete. thank you for your patience!


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AccessPass: My 5th studio album release "To Hell With You"

My 5th studio album release "To Hell With You"

“To Hell With You” will be my 5th studio album and you will get to hear it before anyone else…i really can’t wait to play it for ya! (you’ll also receive exclusive updates here on Pledge)

Signed Set List personalized by Bleu!

All gone!

Whether you’re attending a PledgeMusic presents concert from 9/11/13 to 9/19/13 or not, if you’d like a signed set list, you’ve got it! Just let us know what show you’d like a set list from and Bleu will personalize it for you. Set lists will be printed/scribbled on PledgeMusic stationary. If you are not able to attend a show we will mail you your set list. This pledge also comes with digital album copies of Bleu’s “To Hell With You” and Will Dailey’s “National Throat.”

To Hell With You digipak CD


A nice digipak CD copy of “To Hell With You” mailed to you anywhere in the world.

To Hell With You digipak CD - autographed


A nice digipak CD copy of “To Hell With You” mailed to you anywhere in the world, autographed with a drawing of my fugly mug…

THWY digipak + "Redhead Record Club" download membership!


for $40 you can get an autographed copy of “To Hell With You” – pLuS, you’ll become a member of the “Redhead Record Club”…celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my critically acclaimed CD “Redhead,” i will record a re-imagined version of one of the songs every month for over a year..and you’ll receive a new download each month!

"New Fan Starter Kit" bundle

Available what you hear and want to have more?..with this bundle you receive an autographed copy of “To Hell With You,” plus digital copies of my records “Four,” “A Watched Pot” aNd membership in the digital “Redhead Record Club” (wheEe)..

THWY digipak + "Redhead Record Club" membership & digipak


for $55 you can get an autographed copy of “To Hell With You” – pLuS, you’ll become a member of the “Redhead Record Club”…celebrating the 10 year anniversary of my critically acclaimed CD “Redhead,” i will record a re-imagined version of one of the songs every month for over a year..and you’ll receive a new download each month, aNd a commemorative digipak when it’s all done.

Skype Acoustic Performance (+ merch)

1 left

..your very own 30-minute concert via Skype (or other “virtual venue” of your choice), you choose 5 songs!..i’ve never done this before, so let’s see how it goes…you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle

Dinner for Four...(in select cities + merch)

1 left

pledge $475 and i will cook you dinner! i’ll buy all the groceries for you and 2 of your friends (4 people including me) and make a pretty dern decent meal…this was definitely one of the funnest rewards from the last fan-funding campaign and i’m so happy to offer it again…ask me anything during dinner…about songwriting & producing..ask about working with Hanson if you want..or just geek out on music that we aLL lOve…(you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle)

The "Birthday" Song reward (+ merch)

All gone!

…gotta continue the tradition..i will write and record a song for your special occasion (in addition you’ll receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” bundle)…we call this the “Birthday Song Reward” but people have had songs written for their anniversary or other big events…you can choose some of the lyrical content and even the style of the song! (please allow up to 5 months for scheduling)

US House Concert (option 1, while i'm on tour...)

All gone!

…this is available to people who live within 50 miles of one of my regular touring cities in the US: Boston, NYC, Philly, DC, Nashville, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Vegas, Chicago. IF you live near another city, please email me and let’s see what we can work out!…with this package you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle (yuUp)…

i'll co-write a song with you in LA or Boston!**

All gone!

for $900 you can write a song with me…i’ve written songs for artists such as Demi Lovato, Meat Loaf, Selena Gomez and Chris Mann, and worked with huge songwriters like Dan Wilson (Grammy Award winner for Adele)…through this reward you can learn more about songwriting techniques and get a nice demo of your song recorded to take away with you…with this package you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle. (**please read the notes on this on my Pledge page, this reward may work best if we write together in person)..

US House Concert (option 2, fly me in...)

All gone!

…for $950 (plus the price of travel, and accommodations for me), this is available to people in the US who would like me to play a house concert while i’m not on tour (fly me in for your party, event, wedding etc.). i’ve actually done a tun of these and they’ve always been fun as heCk….with this package you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle (sweet)…

i'll Produce your song (in Boston or Los Angeles)

All gone!

..for $1,900 i will produce a song for you!…this was one of the most popular rewards in my last fan-funding campaign. i have produced records in many different styles for both indie artists and superstars like Demi Lovato… professionals and amateurs alike are welcome…if you’ve ever wanted to have one of your songs made into a fully-produced professional quality recording this is the Pledge for you..spend 2 days in the studio with me and make your dream a reality (you will also recieve the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle)

Have YOUR NAME in a "Redhead Record Club" song!

1 left

…yep..i will forever change a song off of Redhead by working your first name into the re-imagined new version of the song. and heck, you can also play on the song if you want to (but if you don’t play, you don’t have to). you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle!

full band House Concert biAtches!

1 left

..for a mere $2,000 (less than many wedding bands + the potential cost of travel & accommodations) i will play a house-concert for you with either a full rock band (bass, drums, and additional guitar), or a string section (viola, cello, and stand-up bass)…this could reaLLy be a blast for a special event (holiday, anniversary, bris)….and we’ll even learn a cover if you really want (we don’t do “free bird” though)…if this exclusive is near LA, Boston or NYC, our travel and accommodation costs will be next to nothing. (you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle)

i'll Produce your 5 song EP (yeS!)

All gone!

…let’s get down to business & work on a 5-song EP together! either in Boston or LA, your choice. you’ll also receive the “Give Me EveryThing New” merch bundle. this does not include airfare, lodging, additional musicians, or any songwriting. but it does include mixing and i’ll oversee mastering if you want…

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