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Hi, welcome to my Pledge Music campaign!

My name is Bradley James Skistimas. Most of you already know me as the singer/songwriter for Five Times August. I recently finished recording some brand new songs and I’m really excited about putting them out. I think it’s some of the best music I’ve ever made. It’s a bit of a departure from the material I’ve released with FTA, that’s why I’ve declared this as something of a side project from my normal pseudonym. I can’t wait for you to hear it, but I need your help in bringing this project to the finish line.

As many of you know I’m an independent artist. That means I’m usually pulling out my own wallet to pay to complete my projects. No fancy record label money here. I’m just a guy doing his own thing, it’s always been that way. The greatness in being independent is that it’s given me a transparent relationship with the fans. There’s no middle man…. just you, me, and the music. That’s why this time around I’m calling on you for help. By taking part in this campaign you’ll be providing the funds to get these songs mixed, mastered, and into a nice looking little CD package. All the tracks are recorded and basically ready to go, but these last few stages are absolutely crucial in order to properly say “it’s done!”

Everyone who pledges will not only get a copy, but they’ll also have access to exclusive campaign updates featuring special audio tracks, in studio footage, and other fun features unavailable to the general public. If you’re feeling a little more generous than the basic $10 pledge amount there are loads of cool and unique items offered in exchange for your generosity. Some of them are one of a kind, others are available in very limited quantities, but all of them are here to make our experience a little more interesting and personal for the both of us.

If you haven’t yet, click the play button in the banner above to watch a short introductory video. Also, on the left side of the page there’s an audio player to hear the first track RIGHT NOW, so why wait?! It’s called “When The World Ends” and my friend Andy Zulla, music supervisor for NBC’s hit series SMASH says “It’s the most beautiful hate song I’ve ever heard.” I hope you agree : )

Thanks in advance for reading, watching, and contributing. Talk to you soon.
- Bradley

20% post goal
20% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to ASPCA.


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AccessPass: Where Did I Go? E.P Download + CD + Updates

Where Did I Go? E.P Download + CD + Updates

Music by Bradley James debuts with four new stellar tracks inspired by the classic sounds of yesteryear. You’ll find yourself swimming in a stereo sea of beautiful string arrangements, vintage electric guitar, soulful vocals, & lovable catchy pop hooks.

Autographed CD


I’ll personally sign your copy of the EP before it ships out. To you, from me!

Autographed CD + Digital Songbook


Personally autographed CD + a printable digital songbook file (PDF Format) featuring complete lyrics, chords, and tablature for the songs featured on the new EP.

Instagram Print Set

All gone!

I’ll personally select 15 of my favorite Instagram pictures from my account (BradleyJames2011) and include them with a signed CD. You can frame them as art, make fridge magnets, coasters, the possibilities are endless!

A page from "The Boy's Doodle Book"

A page from "The Boy's Doodle Book"
3 left

In “The Boy’s Doodle Book” you are given a half drawn concept and a title to the drawing, it’s up to you to finish the picture. Sometimes I scribble in this book to keep my mind active and creative in between songwriting slumps. You’ll receive one of these doodle pages straight out of the book itself along with a picture of what the page looked like BEFORE I took over!

The Box of Bradley

All gone!

I will put together a package of my favorite things along with a personal note about what’s in this special box. Includes but not limited to snacks, candy, music mix CD, small toys and trinkets…. all fun stuff.

Get your name in the liner notes!

All gone!

Ensures your name will appear in the liner notes of the CD artwork in the “thank you” section. The whole world will see your name and think “Wow, they must be pretty cool” and guess what? They’ll be right.

I'll draw your face

I'll draw your face
2 left

Little known fact about me, I’m pretty good when it comes to drawing mediocre caricatures. Want me to prove it? Send me a picture of yourself and tell me about something you like to do. I will draw a funny picture of you doing it. (just see the amazing examples provided!)

Framed Cover Art Print

All gone!

Super limited edition 12 × 12 inch framed art print of the EP cover design. Sized to appear like a framed vinyl record sleeve. It’ll look mega cool and trendy hanging on your wall. You can admire it every time you pass by it and congratulate yourself on owning such a fine decorative display.

Autographed Five Times August Package

16 left

Catch up on the last ten years of my other music project with the Five Times August collection. Includes signed copies of all available CDs, green guitar logo shirt, four signed tour posters, and stickers.

Used sheet music from the EP sessions

Used sheet music from the EP sessions
5 left

Each sheet was actually used in the studio while tracking string arrangements for the songs. The five available here include pencil scribbles and notes from the violinists who played on the recordings. Additionally, I’ll autograph each of the five pages myself.

Walk in my shoes

Walk in my shoes
All gone!

I love my grey converse shoes, they’ve been everywhere with me the last two years and while they don’t look like much these days they have a history with me. So, I am including a personal write up about why they’re so beat up! Where they’ve been, the shows I’ve played in them, the songs I’ve written while wearing them.

The shirt off my back

The shirt off my back
All gone!

This vintage Virginia Beach shirt has been one of my favorites tees over the years. You can see me wearing it on the cover of the Five Times August album “Fry Street” and I still wear it often to this day. It’s the kind of soft and cozy not even Urban Outfitters can buy. No size tag, but fits like a medium. You’ll love it. I’ll even include a signed copy of the Fry Street CD!

The other shirt off my back

The other shirt off my back
1 left

Want to dress like I did in 2008? Now you can! Own the actual shirt I wore on the cover of Five Times August’s album “Brighter Side.” Designed by Patrik Ervell, Size Medium. It’s a nice shirt, you’ll look super handsome. I’ll even include a signed copy of the Brighter Side CD!

30 minute guitar lesson

4 left

You + me in a live video chat for 30 minutes. I’ll teach you whatever you want to know about guitar. Tips, tricks, songs, or let’s just rock out together.

Handwritten lyric set of EP songs

2 left

I will write out the lyrics for each song from the new EP on some nice paper for you. This will be the first time I’ve written out the lyrics in full since I scribbled them down during the writing process.

Rhapsody in blue

Rhapsody in blue
1 left

So, here’s a small story. When I was 16 years old I bought this heart shaped blue topaz necklace for a girl I liked. It was undoubtedly a bold move, but purely innocent. I was just trying to “win her over” as high school boys do. Well, it didn’t work. Sad story? Sure, but heartbreak like that most likely instilled a better songwriter in me. Since then it has sat quietly in it’s original velvet box and I never knew what to do with it until now. I decided I’d like a fan to have it and possibly give it to a muse of their own, somebody who inspires you to make bold moves, no matter what the risk. Happily Ever After for everyone.

Name that tune

2 left

Pick a song, any song. Old, new, doesn’t matter. I’ll learn it, record it, and send it to you on CD with a personal thank you message. I’ll also perform it on YouTube and dedicate the video to you!

Be my muse

3 left

I will write a song specifically for you, about you, about someone else, anything! Whatever you want me to write about, this is YOUR song. I’ll record it and send it to you on CD so you can treasure it forever.

House concert anywhere in Texas

2 left

If you live in Texas and want to have a party, host an event, or have an intimate musical evening in your home with your close friends, I’m happy to be the one to entertain you!

House concert anywhere in the United States

2 left

If you live in the US and want to have an intimate musical evening in your own home with your close friends, I’m happy to take a small trip to entertain you!

House concert anywhere in the world

2 left

I don’t get out of the U.S. for shows very often (or ever). This is usually because of the enormous cost of traveling overseas. However, I’m aware there are loyal fans that happen to live outside of America and have always wanted to see a show. Well, now is your chance to bring me straight to your door! We’ll have a concert, hang out, you can show me the sights for a day, and maybe when all is said and done we’ll be new best friends!

Executive Producer Credit

1 left

You’ll deservedly have your name printed right next to producers Rob Arthur and myself on the back of the physical CD in nice bold letters! Holy cow that sounds awesome! You’ll practically be famous!

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