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Hi Everybody, Hope you are all doing well. Let’s start with some good news: I’m planning to self release this album at the end of September in time for the Monterey Jazz Festival with follow up d...

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Hello Friends,
I hope you are all doing really well so far in 2019! I’m happy to update that our recording project has come together in incredible ways. Thanks to Producer Eli it was mastered by Greg Calbi who has worked with everyone from Patti Smith to Bill Frisell to Arcade Fire. When deciding on a sequence we noted one stand out stand alone track that I decided to independently release in January. Inspired by previous year’s Women’s Marches, I hope you will check out Villain Vanguard attached here and available on all digital outlets. I am currently approaching labels for the possibility of release. Having been on all sides now from recording in my parents’ living room and burning discs to two cycles on a major label, I know that the best fit will be a group with the same priorities, creativity, and dedication to the project. Realistically it’s too late to properly get it out in the Spring so I’m planning on a September release.

Unfortunately I also need to update if you haven’t seen it yet that Pledge Music has recently announced that they’re financially unstable and are seeking acquisition. Simply put, they are backlogged and have not been paying the artists. Here is a recent article on this predicament: https://variety.com/2019/biz/news/pledgemusic-seeking-buyer-1203126071/?yptr=yahoo

This does affect me but it does not affect you. I want you to know that you have my promise that I will fulfill every order whatever transpires in this situation. YOU are my priority and I will make it happen! I do believe they are working to resolve it fairly and I just wanted you to hear it from me.

It has been so wonderful to meet many of you out there with the guest list adds, Skype lessons, delivering songs and there is more to come. When I mark something as fulfilled it tends to send an email saying “your item has been shipped” so if you see it that’s what that’s about.

All the best,

AccessPass Update

In-studio sounds and #funnery!

Hello Pledge friends! I’m very happy to share some some news with you about our project. Two weeks ago the band went into Figure 8 Studios in Brooklyn and recorded 10 solid tracks! Producer Eli i...
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