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New Album

I'm recording a new studio album with YOUR help! Pledge now for cool exclusives + to hear new music first!


of goal

My dearest Friends, Family and Fans!

First, thank you for all the love and support you have given me through the years. I would not be able to do what I do without you, and I am so grateful. Now I need your help.

Recording ‘Awake’ was an awesome experience and I’ve been eager to return to the studio ever since. I know that all of you would find the entire process fascinating and that’s why I want you to be a part of this new album.

A Pledge campaign is an important step and that is why I need your help. The more people who participate the closer we come to our goal. Even the smallest contribution makes a difference. Also, if it isn’t too inconvenient, pass the message to your friends. I will never let you down.

I have put together some cool packages, all lined up along the right hand side of the page. Even the download pledge will gain access to all the pledger-only updates that I will post during the campaign. You will be kept up-to-date on every step through pictures, videos and even some exclusive demo tracks! Tweet me with your comments; all of them will be read and receive a personal response. Then, when it’s complete, you will be the first to receive a digital copy of the new album before it’s released anywhere else.

Lastly, and best of all, a portion of the money we raise will go to Hogar Seimbra, an orphanage and shelter for young girls who have suffered far too much in their young lives. It is an organization very dear to my heart and I am so happy they, and you, can be a part of this next step in my career.

I am eager to begin and I am so thankful you will be by my side on this journey.

Thank you; from my heart, thank you.


10% of goal
10% of goal will go to Hogar Siembra.


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AccessPass: Full-length Studio Album

Full-length Studio Album

I’m heading back into the studio to start working on a new full length album! I’ve been cooking up some stuff I think you will all like and I’m excited to release it FIRST to my fans who pledge to help make it happen!



The brand new album sent straight to you just as soon as it’s manufactured

Signed CD

All gone!

I’ll personally sign your new CD before it’s sent off


3 left

In addition to the new album download, I’ll personally make and send you a unique mixtape. It’ll be full of my all-time favorite artists, current jams and more.

Leather Bracelet from Costa Rica

7 left

Unique leather bracelet from Costa Rica. I wear them every day!

Personalized thank you video

13 left

For the more tech minded among you, I’ll record a personalized thank you video and post it to your Facebook wall and Twitter account. Just let me know your name + social information and away I’ll go!

Thank you in the album credit + CD

32 left

I’ll personally thank you in the album credits PLUS I’ll send you a CD so you can show your friends the shout out

Signed CD & Signed Lyric Sheet

3 left

You will get a signed CD and a handwritten copy of the lyrics to one of the new songs on the album on special paper.

Birthday song

9 left

Wish come true! I’ll give you a call on your next birthday to sing the old classic.

Phone call from me

8 left

I’ll call you with my band from the studio for a chat!

Come to a rehearsal

2 left

You can come to a rehearsal of mine in NYC (or if you can’t attend in person, I’ll Skype you in)

Pledger must provide their own transportation to/from NYC

Join me on stage!

5 left

Join us on stage and play triangle, maracas or your own instrument! Plus 2 free tickets to the show for your guests!

Bri's Famous Apple Pie

All gone!

Homemade dough and made with love! Will be made and shipped to you with a CD and a note from me :)

Guest Tweet for me!

2 left

Take over my twitter for a day and tweet away! This is a BIG deal!

Mystery box

2 left

I can’t tell you what’s in it, but I promise it’ll be cool! Could be a used instrument, tickets to all of my gigs for a year, merch…

Songwriting session

4 left

Whether you have some ideas you are kicking around or starting from scratch, we will get together (in person if you’re in the NYC area or over Skype if you can’t make it) and make something beautiful.

Youtube a cover song of your choice w/ shout out to you!

2 left

I’ll record an acoustic version of a cover song of your choice…. and send you a shout out at the end!

A song about you

All gone!

If you pledge for this exclusive I will write and record a song about you…or whoever you tell me to! Just tell me a little bit about yourself…or this someone else…and leave the rest up to me.

Photo shoot with me!

10 left

Have a photo shoot with me!

Tour around NYC

2 left

If you can make it to New York, I’ll show off all my favorite spots around the Big Apple! We’ll hit up Central Park, shop in Soho, eat at Katz’s Deli, walk around Times Square and so much more!

Dinner with ME! (and a Banter Boy)

4 left

Join me and a band mate for dinner in the city! Tell us what food you like and we’ll take you there for a fun night out!

Acoustic show at your place

1 left

I’ll swing by your house to play your favorite songs for you and all your friends!

Be sure to email my booking agent ( before pledging for this item so we can work out scheduling beforehand

House Party Gig

4 left

I will come to your house with at least 2 bandmates and play for you and you friends! Must be within 4 hours driving distance of NYC. (Or COSTA RICA)

Be sure to email my booking agent ( before pledging for this item so we can work out scheduling beforehand

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