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Jakub Kozioł

Jakub Kozioł commented

After 4 months of waiting I didn't receive anything, address was correct. They informed me that it has been send one more time, but again, CDs wasn't delivered!

Jordan Southcott

Jordan Southcott commented

Ordered the Blu-Ray and it arrived within two days! Very pleased. Only disappointment is that the Blu-Ray comes in a gatefold CD case and doesn't include a CD (which I kind of guessed but isn't made clear) - would have preferred it in a Blu-Ray case but no the end for the world.

For a great cause! Thanks.

Holly Louden

Holly Louden commented

Ordered and recieved the CD and DVDs in under a week. Thank you!

Marco Ruiz

Marco Ruiz commented

Mi Blu-ray llegó después de dos meses, al menos en México.

Etienne Perchet

Etienne Perchet commented

I ordered Double CD 3 weeks ago and i haven't received something yet... Where is my order ? An address to contact ?

rejean latulippe

rejean latulippe commented

hello all of you Im from canada.I ordered blu-ray they tell me all of my items have been shiped but I received nothing so far. can someone gave me a address to contact them or do I have to wait a few weeks thanks you!! my friends!!

Adam Fink

Adam Fink commented

did ytou ever get it?

lukasz r

lukasz r commented

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, the Blu-Ray version is unavailable. Can anyone tell me if digital download video has something like chapter marks? I would play it on PS3 or PS4 and I wonder if I could choose a concrete song like on Blu-Ray.

Jonathan Schmidt

Jonathan Schmidt commented

Just bought the files for download and it's absolutely amazing.

lukasz r

lukasz r commented


Could you tell me if digital download video has something like chapter marks? I would play it on PS3 or PS4 and I wonder if I could skip songs like on Blu-Ray.

christian andres soto valencia

christian andres soto valencia commented

At the beginning of July and I still have not received my order here in Chile I think ebay is faster some tracking number


Mike commented

Ordered the Live at Royal Albert Hall 2x cd + dvd on the 5th of August, a bit wary because of the comments here. It shipped on the 7th, and I received it today, 15th.
I'm very happy with it! The packaging is nice, and though I had my doubts, it arrived a lot sooner than I expected.

Jared Hazelton

Jared Hazelton commented

Where are you from? I ordered mine in the 9th and it shipped on the 10th and I'm in the US. Maybe the same can happen for me? Haha