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'In Shapes'

Support Bryyn's DEBUT ALBUM, 'In Shapes' released by NewSong Recordings.


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Hello I’m bryyn. On July 17th, I will release my first “official” album called ‘In Shapes’ with the Brooklyn based label NewSong Recordings. Please help support the release of ‘In Shapes’ by pledging on one of the items on the right hand side of the page --"

Basically, how this works is if we reach the goal then you get what you pledged for. If the goal is not reached, then you will not be charged.

I’ve been making and recording songs since my very first week of high school. This album ‘In Shapes’ has some of my favorite recordings.

Thank you for listening and supporting me as a musician and friend.


10% post goal
10% of any money raised after the goal is reached will go to Engineers Without Borders.

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AccessPass: In Shapes

In Shapes

Debut album, ‘In Shapes’ will feature my favorite songs remixed and mastered for your listening enjoyment.

Campfire with Bryyn (including campfire songs)

7 left

I can make a fire for you and sing a few songs near my house in the Cuyahoga Forest near Akron, OH. You would have to get to the fire. Includes digital download!

Bike ride with Bryyn in Chicago

1 left

I will take you for a bike ride in Chicago. You will pay for any fees for me to get there (airfare / travel expenses, ~$180). Digital download of the album included!

'In Shapes' lyric & photo book: SOFTCOVER

21 left

Softcover 8″ × 8″ book featuring “in shapes” lyrics and photos taken while Bryyn constructed a giant mobile and light sculptures in a countryside barn in Switzerland. Comes with digital download of album.

'In Shapes' lyric & photo book: HARDCOVER

13 left

Hardcover 8″ × 8″ book featuring “In Shapes” lyrics and photos taken while Bryyn constructed a giant mobile and light sculptures in a countryside barn in Switzerland. Comes with digital download of album.

Limited edition signed album art & poster set

35 left

Receive a limited edition ‘In Shapes’ poster package. Comes with one signed ‘In Shapes’ album print by Bryyn and a set of five original pictures drawn by Chris Hutson. Each print is 11″ × 11″ on heavyweight archive quality paper. Posters are numbered and sent in according to time of purchase (want the first one? order now…). Comes with a digital download of the album.

I think Bryyn is a really nice guy

1 left

Thanks! Comes with a digital download of the album and the hardcover book. And a hand-drawn (by Bryyn) thank you card…

Original hand-drawn 'In Shapes' artwork by Chris Hutson

All gone!

Purchase your own one-of-a-kind hand-drawn ‘In Shapes’ album artwork by Peoria, IL based artist Chris Hutson. Here is your chance to get one of the five original drawings in existence. Digital download of album included!

I just love Bryyn's music!

9 left

Comes with a digital download of the album, the hardcover ‘In Shapes’ book, a hand-drawn (by Bryyn) thank you card…. and a (digital) hug.

Record a song of your own with Bryyn

3 left

I will record a song of yours (up to 6 hours recording and mixing time). Includes a digital download of the album!

Private House Concert

1 left

An acoustic Bryyn concert for you and your friends preforming songs from the ‘In Shapes’ album. You will cover the expenses for travel. Available ANYWHERE.

I want to pay for the costs of making your album!

2 left

Your name in the digital credits of my new CD. This would cover all remixing and mastering costs for this album! Comes with digital download, book, and poster set! Anonymous contributions gladly accepted…

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