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Mark Garner

Mark Garner commented

Hey Buffalo Tom! Can't wait to hear the new CD. I purchased a T-Shirt along with my initial pledge. Any idea when that will ship?

Artist response
Bill Janovitz

Bill Janovitz commented

No, this will be released in the fall of 2017 earliest, as noted in a previous update. Thanks.

Ty Snouffer

Ty Snouffer commented

Wow! Is this really going to be released in 4 days!? Can't wait!

Phil Emmerson

Phil Emmerson commented

What an incredible night in London last amazing show!! So much energy and passion that you put most young bands to shame! Thank you, thank you, thank you...please come back soon.

Mark Smith

Mark Smith commented

Finally pledged today, sorry it took so long! Have tickets for London and looking forward to seeing you again for the first in 20 odd years! A soundtrack of my life!


AnnaK commented

Happy New Year BT and fans! I'm a proud pledger and can't wait to hear the new tunes and get my t-shirt! Also looking forward to live shows in NYC and Portland, ME this year - got my tix already. Keep up the great work! Long Island in the house! :)

Phillip Fouts

Phillip Fouts commented


Any chance of releasing more signed CD's and LP's? Thanks

Enrique Santana

Enrique Santana commented

OMG!!, more signed LPS is possible?


JChay commented

Looking forward to the new album. The HOB show was outstanding. Any chance a Buffalo Tom box set (with outtakes, live numbers, etc.) is on the horizon?

James Kennedy

James Kennedy commented

would like to pledge and receive a vinyl or t-shirt, are the prices correct for the UK? will definitely pledge anyway, perhaps for the download option

Artist response
Bill Janovitz

Bill Janovitz commented

For those asking here about international shipping, we are going with a fulfillment company for physical orders. That should bring down the shipping cost, which should now be adjusted in Pledge.