Hermit album now available for download!!

The time has arrived :D Pledgers with the AccessPass can download the digital copy on the ‘Downloads’ tab on upper-right of the project page. There will also be a link in their orders section. I hope you enjoy :) Listen with headphones – I hope you details you’ve never heard before :) Enjoy the unreleased song “Sticks And Stones” :) I’m SO happy this is finally getting to your ears!! :D Thank you!!!


Delivery update...

Thank you all so much for being part of this Pledge campaign :) The vinyl manufacturing (that’s what takes the longest) is juuuust about done & ready to ship to The Orchard label, I’ll be meeting with them and signing them on the 17th, all bundles head to the merch fulfillment folks – expect to have everything in your hands in early May :)

Thank you!


PS – here’s the t-shirt design….

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Hermit now available on ***CD***

Happy to announce that the re-mixed/re-mastered Hermit album is now also available on ***CD*** :)

We’re also combining the Feb 4th NYC day-time masterclass and night-time concert into one bundle (at the lower price…)

Thank you!