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We recently went back into the studio to work on seven new tracks for a 2019 release. Howi Spangler is producing again, and we have our long time engineer Ryan Cullen mixing the project. Mastering will be done with Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox Studio, and we have Nick Reider playing trumpet and arranging horn lines, and Kevin Basiliko playing sax. We’re also very excited to be using a string quartet for one of these songs. This is a first for us and we’re stoked to be making it happen!

We also recently recorded a 2 and a half hour set to a sold out crowd in Baltimore, MD. We filmed the show from 6 different camera angles. We’re planning on mixing and mastering this entire performance and editing the video from the entire performance. The video will more than likely be hosted on YouTube for viewing convinience, and the set will be trimmed down to 60-75 mins for a final album release.


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AccessPass: The new EP (download)

The new EP (download)

Pre-order a digital copy of the new studio recordings

Live album (download)

Live album (download)

The final version of our new live album! This is the version that will eventually be pressed to CD and put on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Also comes with the digital download of the new EP.

Live Album: Uncut in it's entirety (download)

Live Album: Uncut in it's entirety (download)

In addition to getting the final version of the album, you will get the entire uncut set from the performance. The set was just under 3 hours so this is a doozey! This will also include a digital download of the new EP.

Handwritten Lyric Sheet

Handwritten Lyric Sheet
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Any song you want, written out and signed by Brandon. I’d prefer to only do songs that I’ve writen, but if you have your heart set on Smashmouth’s All-Star I guess I can accommodate.

Also includes the new EP, the live album, and the uncut live performance.

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