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New EP

The brand new EP from B*Witched, 'Champagne Or Guinness' is now available here on digital download.


of goal

Hello, it’s so nice to be back!

So nice in fact that we’ve decided to make a new EP and offer it to you guys first, so here is ‘CHAMPAGNE OR GUINNESS’ for you to buy exclusively here at PledgeMusic (and before anyone else gets it!)

Also you are invited into our ‘Pledgers Only Page’ – our little fansite on PledgeMusic – where you can follow how the new EP story developed. We’ve posted videos, blogs and anything else we can think of that you would love!

Thanks guys, we’ll see you all very soon.

Love, B*Witched x


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New EP

The new B*Witched EP in flac or high quality mp3

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