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New Album!

Just recorded a new album in Toronto, Los Angeles and Xalapa and need your help to cover cost of post-production.


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Hola amigos,

Our first album was recorded with one microphone in Xalapa, Veracruz 5 years ago using our bedroom as a studio. In 2009 we moved to Toronto where we are struggling to finish our ambitious first studio album. This will be the first son jarocho CD to be recorded in Canada!

Up until now we have managed to cover the recording expenses on our own but are at a loss as to how to pay for the post-production. Pledge here to receive exclusive audio, video, updates, stories, recipes and more. You will be the first travellers on this daring musical journey called Nuevos Caminos a Santiago (New Roads to Santiago). 10% of all pledges will go to Médecins Sans Frontieres.

Recorded mostly in Toronto last December, it features 10 creative musicians including guests recorded in Los Angeles and Xalapa. The CD is a tribute to Santiago Tuxtla, the small town Kali is from where we both learned to play in the hills and valleys of this magical region.


Alec and Kali

10% of funds
10% of all money raised will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres.


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AccessPass: Nuevos Caminos a Santiago

Nuevos Caminos a Santiago

Deeply rooted in folk music from Veracruz & fueled by nostalgia and longing for Mexico, the songs set to the poetry of Kali Niño, were recorded in Toronto, Los Angeles and Xalapa with 10 creative souls from five countries. You’ll get full album download.

The New Album on CD

167 left

As soon as it is manufactured you will received the new album on CD with a special surprise which we have inserted in there for you.

Signed copy of our first CD

12 left

Our first CD is still out there and although it was made on a shoestring we are still fond of it. The whole band will sign it for you at the launch and include a little surprise with it.

Cotton tote bags with art by Alec Dempster

3 left

These are limited edition tote bags with the album cover art on one side and a papel picado calavera image on the other side. Both are by Café Con Pan band mate Alec Dempster

Jarana Lesson at Café Con Pan's Place

10 left

We enjoy teaching as much as performing and would love to see more people in Toronto playing son jarocho so why not take an hour long lesson with us.

limted edition T-Shirt + download

41 left

You will receive a t-shirt with the linoleum print created by Alec Dempster for the album cover and the digital download of the album.

Chili Sauce + New Album

17 left

This secret chili sauce recipe is sought after from Santiago Tuxtla to Toronto. Specially prepared by Alec and Kali in their basement apartment and based on Doña Teresa Mendoza’s method with more garlic, peanuts and chili.

DVD of CD release concert at Lula Lounge

8 left

Enjoy the vibe of the CD release and the special collaboration between Café Con Pan and their guest La Marisoul as well as many of the musicians who played on the recording on this exclusive DVD.

Digital Download of unreleased son jarocho field recordings


I have put together son jarocho recordings which I have made during ten years searching out musicians and capturing magical moments at fandangos. You will get a digital download of this treasure trove.

A dozen hand made tortillas and the signed album

7 left

You get a new copy of the CD which you can eat while eating some tacos with the best tortillas in Toronto. This exclusive is limited to the Toronto area as tortillas don’t fare so well in the post.

Entire collection of Anona Music field recordings

44 left

Receive a digital download of the new CD and the following albums produced by Alec Dempster 1. Y mi verso quedará 2. Del Cerro Vienen Bajando 3. A Puro Oído 4. Juan Pólito 5. Aquí Estamos Todavía and one rare surprise album.

A hand embroidered blouse by Kali

All gone!

Kali has spent countless hours creating the embroidered Mexican floral pattern on this blouse. Definitely a labour of love and not something you can by in the store. It is medium size.

Hand stencilled skirts by Alec Dempster

All gone!

I created two hand stencilled skirts with my own sugar cane and butterfly design for a special performance of Café Con Pan two years ago at Lula Lounge. One is light yellow cotton and one is on white cotton.

Album cover Linoleum Print

24 left

An original print was created by Alec for the album cover. You will receive one of 25 signed limited edition copies hand printed by the artist on hand made japanese paper, signed and dedicated to you.

Café Con Pan Papercut

1 left

Alec made a unique paper cut for the new group logo and a short animation which will be screened on subway platforms. This detailed paper cut is made with hand made japanese paper. There is only one.

Mexican street food in your own home


Santiago Tuxtla is famous for some great street fare which Kali can prepare very well in spite of being so far away. This offer is limited to the Toronto area. Good for you and 3 friends.

Choice of a painting by Alec Dempster

19 left

You get to choose from 20 of the paintings on paper I did in Mexico over a 12 years period. You can see more of my work at I will post the options on line for you to choose from.

An original linoleum print of yourself by Alec Dempster

5 left

Become immortalized with a portrait of yourself done by Alec as a linoleum print. You will just need to provide a few good pics of yourself and tell him a bit about you.

House concert in the Toronto area

5 left

We perform best in intimate settings so get some friends together and we will play for you in your living room, backyard or kitchen. This offer is limited to the Toronto area. We will perform as a trio.

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