AccessPass Update

Happy Holidays!!! Lets Do This!

Sorry it took so long…but I got emails out today to about 75% of the groups with instructions on how to start claiming your amazing PledgeMusic gifts. Rest will follow in next day or two. HO HO H...
AccessPass Update

we paid the landlord today!!!

Thanks to all your PledgeMusic funds, we were able to hand deliver a certified check to our landlord for the back taxes today and we have now satisfied the court judgment! We want to remind you to...
AccessPass Update

thanks everyone! you are the best!

we can’t tell you how grateful we are to everyone for their support. Now we can square up with our landlord and sign a new 10 year lease to keep the music going on the Lower East Side. Stay tuned...

Benefit Show tonight Thursday

All the proceeds from the cover charge tonight will go directly to the PledgeMusic Drive! Spread it around tonight and thanks to the bands Pegasus Warning, dpony, Condo Ron and Jessica of Zambri for donating their time and great music.